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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 35DollarLawns, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Utah Lawn Care

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    I am sacking my 48 zero turn for a second Exmark 30. I can fit 2 30's in the bed of my truck and not worry about a trailer 90% of the time. All my lawns are 14k and down.
  2. JimsLocalLawn

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    I'm considering parking the 36" belt and replacing it with two 30's for the 2014 season. All this talk about them, I wanna see first hand what all the hype is about.
  3. oqueoque

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    Does the Exmark 30 mulch good or do you have to bag?
  4. Mow Mony

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    How have these been reliability wise for guys running them a full season or two?
    I remember reading about transmission/drive issues, is that something that has been corrected?
    Also will they mulch one weeks growth on a single pass?
    Really like to avoid double cutting whenever possible, but I know sometime necessity during extreme growth periods.
    Are they bad at leaving ruts when cutting wet lawns?
    The commercial 21" toros we used to run were considerably heavier than a standard 21" mower, so we switched to mid range 21" toro mowers for cost and weight savings.

    I'm thinking of replacing all of our 21" mowers with these though now. Only a couple of properties each day need the 21" mower, but if we can fit a 21" mower these 30" mowers would fit as well, and it would be nice to put newer employees on these without he risks of running a hydro 36" Turf Tracer.
  5. SSantor

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    We had problems with the transmissions when I first bought them. We had all three down in the spring. Exmark worked with me and corrected the problem. We have not had any problems with them after that. They hold up well. There is not much that can go wrong with them. When the 30's were down we used my lawnboy 21's as back ups. I saw then how much faster the 30's were compared to the 21's. They are a lot faster. My concern when I first bought them was rutting the lawn and turning. I did not have any rutting problems, and turning the machine there were no problems. I like switching from mulching to discharging in a matter of seconds. Cutting residential lawns you need this. My guys had problems picking up using the two hydro's we use to use. The hydro's always let markings in the lawn even if you knew how to use them. I felt the cost of the walkbehinds was getting really high. I bought three 30's for the price I would have spent on one walkbehind with a bag and mulch plug. The 30's mulch well and made me more money. If it's real high and wet it's like any mower you have to double cut. We double cut every thing. It's just something I have always done to make the properties look great. The properties look really good with a single cut and look great on a second cut. Just the way I do things! I put my three 30's on a 5 by 10 trailer with a back up lawn boy 21. We save a lot of time loading and unloading the trailer using the 30's. A metal bar going around the engine to protect it has spots to hook up tie down bungees on it. They mulch leaves great! Not good on hills!
  6. mwalz

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    Haven't herd anyone say that they are, but I'm looking in to buying one to replace my 21" just to save a little time, not sure if it is worth the cost, i have herd trouble of them going up hills, and if you cut hilly yards then that is why they may not be using them exclusively.
  7. lawnsaspire

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    Ssantor. What do you think of the truck setups for small mowers like lawn jockey and just mow it have? The setup is no trailer and a truckbed on a ford ranger converted to a trailered with dovetail gate. I like the idea but can't find anyone who makes these in the Midwest. There is an old thread about these setups right now in the truck and trailer section.
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  8. sildoc

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    These would be perfect for that set up. I can say if you want a set up you need to get with a good welder to set it up for you. One you will be someone local and 2 once they have it down they can make you more and quicker.
    We are looking at a just mow it truck this year to take up the slack we have turned away.
    Bed shouldn't cost you more than 2grand.
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes BOP Dually mowers rock in this setting.

    I just might have to bite on an Exmark for the power factor alone. However the rapid height adjustment [with blades spinning] flat out CAN'T be duplicated with either TurfMaster....:nono:

    Any of my BOP mowers will smoke them in manicured cut quality and speed. The BOP 36 deck is weakest due to blades. JMHO....
  10. lawnsaspire

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    Yes I'm in love with the idea of the converted truck bed, but. I don't like the Idea that if you sell your truck or it dies you lose out on your investment.
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