30" toro question new twist

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 35DollarLawns, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    Keep factory bed and move fabbed bed to another rig.

    I may decide to do this in 12-18 months...2014 is a critical year for me. Stay or go.
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  2. SSantor

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    I thought about going with a truck bed with a dove tail like just mow it. The reason I didn't was if the truck breaks down then what do you do. I can hook up my trailer to another vehicle to pull it. I have a blazer as a back up to my truck with a hitch on it. The only advantage I see to a truck bed is getting into city lots were there is a problem with parking. Where I cut there is not a problem with parking. I may buy another small trailer to keep for landscaping and aeration needs only. Another reason I keep the trailer is because I back it right into my garage with everything on it. I don't have to unload anything. Out of the weather and safe. I have the string trimmers and blowers right on the trailer also. If any one is thinking about lifting the 30's into a truck bed FORGET IT. These bad boys are heavy!
  3. Mow Mony

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    We are also thinking about adding a truck with landscape to our fleet, deciding the best way to go about it now. I went and checked out the 30" commercial Toro mowers today, they are indeed stout. Most of the features make sense and appear to be overbuilt which is good. Are the toro and exmark commercial 30" mowers different in any significant way, or is it just a brand difference?

    I don't need enough toro equipment to get fleet pricing, but dealer said he will knock off $100 per mower since I am buying two...sounds fair to me. I'm also buying a bunch of stihl stuff shortly, plan to order it all at once and see if I can get them down a bit more on a whole package price.
  4. ducnut

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    Can't Knapheide make you one? They're right there in Quincy.
  5. CRC_PP

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    I've got the Toro 30" and it is overall a good piece of equipment. It is as everyone has mentioned before SEVERELY underpowered... I work on mostly REO and Bank owned properties and they rarely keep a timely schedule for maintaining lawns. That being said, the mower itself feels light and nimble and sometimes I forget just how much bigger it really is compared to the 22"s that I use on my city yards. My only real complaint is that when side discharging the grass tends to clump up toward the rear part of the chute. It will never replace my ZT or walk behind just for shear brute force, but it has definately opened a door to many backyards either too small or gates too narrow for the 42" or 48"
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    Um...light and nimble...? TimeMaster or TurfMaster...?
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  7. CRC_PP

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    Timemaster... sorry I should have specified. I talked to the dealer and everyone I've talked to or seen on here cannot for the life of them justify the cost difference based on performance. It works for me though, The handle in the upright position is a definite plus during transit and storage. I cannot speak on the turfmaster though, as I've not had any experiences with one.
  8. CRC_PP

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    It does a good job, just hates any wetness or really dense growth. I'd buy another one tomorrow.


  9. 35DollarLawns

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    Lawnaspire- I seen you make mention of ranger beds not being made like a trailer but more like lawnjocky, what's the difference or issues with the two?
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  10. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    There wouldn't be so many posts about these mowers if there wasn't so much interest. I suspect that the bulk of the interest is because they're so inexpensive.

    I can't add anything new that hasn't been said before, but I guess it's worth saying again. I have both the Timemaster and the Turfmaster but still have my larger commercial exmark even though I don't have any huge lawns.

    1. I consider them disposable mowers because they really aren't that durable and they are cheap. I didn't expect them to last beyond the first season but they're still running fine with no problems whatsoever. Of course, I change the oil and sharpen the blades OFTEN!

    2. Neither is underpowered in the sense of engine performance. They are underpowered when it comes to pulling themselves up hills. They just won't do it on their own like real commercial mowers do.

    3. They clog up with any moisture whatsoever and on lawns that are overgrown even a few inches. The discharge area really needs to be twice as large. But in the middle of summer when the grass is dry - no problem.

    4. They store nice on trailers, are easy to maintain, give a good cut (although w/ no striping) and are so simple my 12 YO son is able to use them.

    I only have fiftysome lawns, almost all neighborhood-size, so they work great on almost all of them. If I had a bigger operation there's no way they would hold up, nor would *I* be able to hold up, pushing them up hills. For the lawns with hills I have to use my commercial mower. Again, I consider these disposable and if I have to buy a new one each year I'll do it just because they're so handy and easy.

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