300 acre bid on land clearing

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    Hey I need help bidding a job.im doing a land clearing job in NC. It’s about 300 acres and I need help on how much I should charge per acre and what kind of equipment I should need. It’s a really dense forst with many large trees and lots of brush.
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    This is a joke right?

    You don’t know what equipment or what price or seemingly even how to do it but are entertaining even thinking about this job?

    What are they clearing 300 acres for in the first place?

    If you don’t already have the equipment you can’t afford to gear up for this kind of work in the first place.
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    Generally speaking
    When someone clears this much land, there’s timber/lumber someone wants... so the price goes lower than you think because they’re “buying” the timber.

    If it’s all scrub brush and crap trees they’ll just use fecons
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    hundred bucks an acre and a couple of chain saws in the trunk of a ford focus and you are good to go!
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    which regular , or chastised thusly angry lol , lawnsite member could this be with a fake account trying to **** with people or be funny ?
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    If it’s not “lumber lucious” you will see prices around $600 an acre to “de-wood it” meaning take out the heavy wood
    Followed by a price around .47 to clear per square foot
    But that puts the price in the multi millions and is the price point for prepping the land for building or development
    Which is a lot more involved than just “brush cutting”
    Prices could be 2-3 times that depending on the Denisty of the wood/vegetation and it’s location
    Additional factors are

    Site unseen and without knowing full scope of work
    You could be looking at a job that might be 17 million dollars and they’re trying to develop a neighborhood
    Or you might be looking at something they want cut n cleared for pasture

    If you’re taking it down to dirt the SWPPP plan and implementation alone would be hundreds of thousands of dollars
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    No you have to do it the manly way, 2 man saw and an ax. The old fashion way.
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  8. Michael J. Donovan

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    alright, let's give the OP a chance to discuss (or defend themselves) and see if this is legit or not.

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  9. TPendagast

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    I already gave several legit figures

    “Clearing” however is about as broad a term as “landscaping”

    RFPs like this typically have definitions (which seem stupid and redundant when you read them) and a defined scope of work.

    But generally speaking a one acre parcel of land wooded/treed might go for $50,000
    Once cleared/grubbed and ready for development it could be $150,000 especially if the sewer and power were roughed in.
    Then a landscaped acre could be $210,000.00
    That’s not even talking about the actual building.

    On the flip side this could be clearing as in “mow heavy grasses and weeds”
    And the price could be 100k for the whole job.
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    If I recall I think there's an outfit in NC called Paul Bunyan services, ltd. They may be able to help out.
    Located up around Blue Ox, NC. I believe.
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