~$300 backpack blower for homeowner, 3/4 acre

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Dave88LX, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Dave88LX

    Dave88LX LawnSite Member
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    Jeeeeez man. That's wild.

    I don't mind if it takes me a while. Gets me out of the house. ;)
  2. Ridin' Green

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    If that's the case, then scrap the mower and use a pair of old scissors.:D
  3. Nutsedge

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    from STL, MO
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    Well although I believe the Honda would give you a better cut, easier starting and a few other benefits the drive system seems to be pretty fruit compared to the hydrostatic cruse control my HRX has.

    I actually found mine on Craigslist when it was four years old. An old woman purchased it new for ~$700, used it for two years then had back surgery and after that it sat in the shed. Every season (even the last two when it was used very rarely) she took it to the dealer and had it serviced/tuned up. She was in Indiana and I live in Missouri so it was about a 13 hour round trip to get it but my father went with me and it was a really fun little day trip and I ended up getting it for $220!!!
  4. kawasaki guy

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    it seems that you like your new toy hahaha

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