~$300 backpack blower for homeowner, 3/4 acre

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Dave88LX, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. kawasaki guy

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    I don't think they are correct about the Kawasaki. It has so much velocity, it blows me away. :)

    Just thought you would like to know.

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  2. Darryl G

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    Nice little blower you have there. I have 580 and it's a beast. Mine has a good bit more air flow but less velocity.
  3. Darryl G

    Darryl G Inactive
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    Yeah, I wouldn't really call 190mph low velocity. But 450 cfm is on the low side. I know ratings can vary depending on the manufacturer, but the Redmax 8500/Husqvarna 580 put out twice that and at a higher mph. If you're impressed by your unit, you'd probably be blown away at the power of one of the top tier units.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    Not really any appreciable difference between them in this interesting test-


    I'll take my little (and lighter, less expensive, better scouring, etc., HA!) 570 any day. :weightlifter::D
  5. Darryl G

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    Where the 580 really excels in it's factory configuartion is mowing heavy debris, which is what I need to do a lot of. By adding an intermediate extenstion tube it scours quite well. If I want to move large piles or blow out beds I can remove the end tube...so two intermediate tubes with no tapered end. It does a fantastic job of blowing out beds like that without blowing the mulch out. I basically end up with 3 blowers in one.
  6. Nutsedge

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    Those RM machines are quite impressive!
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  7. Dave88LX

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    Interesting test. Once my damn kids stop screaming maybe I can interpret it.

    I'm somewhat convinced to step up to a larger one. STFU KIDS! Haha.
  8. Darryl G

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    Bottom line, in my opinion: Once you get up into the 500-600 cfm range at 180-200 mph or so you've got a pretty powerful and usefull blower. Anything beyond that is probably overkill for a homeowner.
  9. Capemay Eagle

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    I would vote for the first one, the Echo. But if you decide to step up, consider the Stihl BR500 or the BR600 Magnum. I got the BR600 magnum a while back and it is incredible. I cannot wait till Stihl makes an ever more powerful blower!!
  10. Dave88LX

    Dave88LX LawnSite Member
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    I just read your thread about the 580 here: http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=363899

    I hate you guys. That 580 is almost double the CFM of the 350 (907 vs 494) and 26 more MPH (206 vs 180). Like you said, probably overkill for me. The 350 is barely almost into the range you mention.

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