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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Harvestman, Jun 26, 2002.

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    I own a 48'' lazer that I bought in april of 2001. It only has 300 hrs on it and one of the spindles are squelling. I've never hit anything. I've maintained this thing to the point of being obsessive. Talked to my dealer today he says the spindle is covered but not the labor. Whats up with that? I'm a little frustrated with the fact that this thing has such few hrs on it. Any Help Guys?
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    Thanks for the question. The warranty states that the spindles are covered 3 years. The first year covers parts and labor the second and 3rd year covers parts only.

    It's possible you've not hit anything and been balancing your blades as you should and to still have a failure in 300 hours. Keep in mind that the spindle shaft makes approximately 1.7 million revolutions every 8 hours. That's a lot. Most defects show up in 10 -50 hours on most parts. On a spindle that's more like 50-150 hours. Truthfully the second and third year warranty isn't really a warranty it's more like a manufacture sponsored insurance policy. It's extremely unlikely that a spindle with 300 hours on it had a defect but we're covering the parts because bad things happen to good people.

    Also if you don't want to pay your dealer to swap out the housing and bearings it's not all that difficult. Just give me a call at 800-667-5296 and I'll walk you through it.


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    Also, in the course of the obsession with maintenance if you've been spraying water around the spindles you could have forced some water in and caused it. I know 2 people that were doing that and both had failures in spindles within the 1st yr. I don't spray water anywhere around my spindles and I've never had a problem with them.

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