30ft Hemlock Trimming Pricing ?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by C&K, Mar 6, 2008.

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    We were asked to give a price on trimming about a 250ft row of 28-35 ft tall hemlocks that are about 10-14ft wide. They want about the top 3-4 ft topped off and the sides just evened up. It looks like it may have been around 3-5 years since they have been trimmed. On about a third of one side there are obsticles that would keep any kind of lift equipment as far as 18 feet away. Can't get a truck or any large equipment around half of it due to the pool and tearing up the ground.

    I have already checked on renting a lift that would do the job and it will run 150.00 a day.
    We don't normally do trees this tall but this is a good customer who wants us to do it for them.
    Sorry about the quality of pictures, I took them with my phone.
    The guy in the picture is about 6'1" tall.
    What kind of ballpark price would you guys suggest?



  2. PHS

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    I did tree work for a long time so I'm kinda looking at it from that perspective. You only really need the lift for the top (if you don't have the equipment and training to climb the trees from the inside) and would help for the upper part of the side trimming. If you have access with the lift one side you should be able to get the whole top part.

    With a 12' orchard ladder and a 10' pole pruner it looks like you should be able handle the sides especially after you take 4' off the top. If your taking alot off the sides then you may want want to use a big bite instead of the regular pruner.

    If it was my tree crew I'd probably give it a day for 3 (without using the lift truck), 24 man hours. I don't how fast you guys can do that kind of work and what kind of other equipment you have but if you have a lift you could probably do it in a day and a half with 2 guys (24hrs)(if both guys can prune, if it's just you and a helper that's different).

    I'm just a guy looking accross the internet but I'd probaly be in $1,500 range. I can't carry that much brush in my truck and trailer so I'd add a chipper rental to that but I don't have any dump fees so that offsets a little bit.
  3. TScapes

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    I agree with PHS. I would not do anything less than $1500. It really depends on your equipment and your pruning skill level. Plus 250' of this type of "Hedge" is long. I bid on a residential similar to this in Knoxville several years ago, but this hedge was already being maintained and had the shape to it. Plust it was only 20' in height, so we could reach it pretty easily with extension shears and a ladder.

    Personally, without knowing your set up, I would say it could take you 3 days or so if you do it by hand with a ladder. Thus I would charge more like 3600. Why don't you just charge her Time & Materials?
  4. PHS

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    Yeah, my $1500 is based on a minimal amount of side pruning. Thoroughly pruning the sides can easily double the time and the amount of material to dispose of.
  5. C&K

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    Thanks for the insight... I will be giving the quote tomorrow. I'm thinking around 1850.00 but that will include a spring clean up too. We'll see how it turns out.
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    We do a privacy hedge thats about 175' long and 12' high for $800 and it only take a two man crew 8-9 hours to finish. From what you have listed I would bid closer to $2500.00 for the first cut and then around $1000.00 a cut for yearly maintenance. Stress the importance of having them trimmed every year to keep the plant healthy and in shape to your customer. We do a lot of large shrub jobs and its a huge amount of work doing a job like that so don't undercut yourself.
  7. C&K

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    Thanks for the input.

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