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32" Champ Walk Behind


LawnSite Senior Member
I just picked up a 32" Great Dane Champ.

It has a B/S 8.5 HP motor, fixed deck and Hydro drive.
This unit is basically brand new. The dealer mentioned it was 3 or 4 years old but never used. So I tried it out and couldn't believe the power from such a small engine. He offered it to me for $1500 canadian and a 1 year warranty.

I then get home and do a search and find this model is discontinued.

What are my chances of getting parts for this 1 year from now?

Did I do good?


LawnSite Senior Member
Dear Sponsor,

This is the part in particular I am wondering about.


Single Drive Hydrogear. From searching the internet I found a Parts list from Dixie Sales in North Carolina.

John Deere online recognizes the part # D48001 but says there is none on hand and none worldwide.

On the machine I have aquired the vent bushing is there but there is no Vent or Vent Cap.

I am looking to change the Hydrogear oil, the parts list suggests 20W-50 Oil.

Please let me know the price and availability with this HydroGear and its parts.

I am in Canada.

James Froh

LawnSite Member
Horicon, WI
The parts for the Champ are no longer available thru Great Dane. Your best bet is to check with your dealer to see if they have any or know of any other dealers with some parts left over. Otherwise next best is to go to the web site and see if any availble.