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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Mueller Landscape Inc, May 3, 2003.

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    Hey eXmark,

    I started using the 32 six months ago for many of our residentials. I was supprised to see that it would go through many of the gates that we have here is Southern CA. We have the mulching kit on this mower and it is awesome.

    The only problem that we are having is the tire tracks that the mower is leaving on the cement sidewalks. We must use these walkways to get to the other areas that we mow. The tracks are of course green from the mulched grass and black from the rubber of the tires. I know the green fades away in the sun. But the black doesn't. Any suggestion?

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    Generally the only time we see these tracks is when making turns. About the only thing you can do is avoid the walks when ever possible and make wider turns when you can't avoid the walks. If the tires are leaving marks when your not turning one could speculate that it's simply because of the damage and wear the tire sustains through out the course of the day, week and year. If that's the case a good cleaning on occasion should help.



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