32'' walk behind Encore with sulky - $1500 (Olathe, KS)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by TreverStevens, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I've got a 32'' walk behind Encore for sale. It's a great mower. Mows great. I've got a real nice Proslide sulky. Which means that tire repairs are a thing of the past and same with busted casters and no more greasing grease points on this wheel-less sulky. I was also a little "iffy" about it at first too, but this thing is awesome! This also helps out a ton with striping, without a striping kit or anything else like that. although it is belt driven it still has plenty of power and everything. The motor was replaced not even 2 whole seasons ago, it was also upgraded to a 14 hp motor instead of a typical 10-13 hp like most 32'' are. This mower would be great for those who have larger yards, or are into the commercial business and need a nice walk behind that still fits through almost any fence. The mower has speeds 1-5. I personally think that the 2nd gear is about equal to your average top speed of a self-propelled push mower. Its a great mower. Can't say hardly anything bad about it. This mower was over $3000 new, plus it comes with the sulky. My name is Trever and my number is (913) 544-9509. Feel free to call with any questions, I may not be able to answer, but will definitely give you a call back asap. Thanks, Trever
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    Is this mower still for sell?

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