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    I know the subject of deck mowers has been beat to death but,I was just wondering if any one on the board uses the Toro 32" fixed deck with the B&S 10.5 I/C (I believe it is a 10.5 but I may be wrong ).The one I was looking at was a single belt model, plain jane with Manuel blade engagment. It's not as big or as heavily built as the bigger units (like my 44" Toro) the handle bars are a smaller diameter and the tires are a smaller size plus the single belt. The reason for just a 32 versus 36 or bigger is it has to fit through small gates and i want productivity in those gated yards. Anyways is the quality of cut any good? How well does it bag? Any problems with the unit? Ect,Ect,Ect.I know I should demo the unit first, but that's outta the question.The local dealer would not participate in something like that.Price was $1800

    Thanks ,
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    I know a guy that had one for same gate reason. He hated it, he complained that the quality of cut was less than what he had become use to with his 44" proline.
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    I have owned one for the past 3 years and where i live it is usefull to get into the gates.However it cuts like garbage, what happens is that you want to bang out these yards as fast as you can so you grab the 32 but if you look at it by the time you pull this thing off your trailer and get it back in you saved only a couple of min vs the 21.For good size lawns the 36 cuts better and for the smaller grounds the 21 does a cleaner job.I believe in a quality cuts.
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    I see we have a VanHalen fan here. They never should have parted ways with Sammy.
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    I'd like to see David Lee Roth come back so these guys can do a "Geezers" tour. Like The Who, Kiss, Black Sabbath..........
  6. Please quailify what mower cuts like garbage the single blade floating toro or the toro with the fixed two blade exmark deck?
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    this is a little off topic but i will chime in here
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    OU812 you might think about checkin out the 33" stealth it is quite a mower and will serve the purpose you want
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    I bought a 32" Toro Pro Line with 12.5 Kohler five years ago.It has floating deck and belt drive. This unit uses two belts one for tranny and one for the deck. Cuts and mulches good but have never bagged with it. I don't know what these guys are using as a means of comparison when they say the cut is no good. But I will agree that a 36" is more productive. I like the 32" cut better than my 44". Just remember the smaller the deck the better the cut. Well unless your on a DC with a 18,000+ blade tip speed.
    I bought the 32" my second year to replace 3 slower 21" machines and now use it for a backyard mower only. I refuse to take on jobs needing to be push mowed. Furthermore this machine has never bogged out or shut down in thick, wet, or tall grass. It has broken down on a job only once due to a drive belt that snapped from old age. You can buy mine with only 700hrs on it for $1,300.00 jungle wheels and spare belts & blades included.
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    Crash (OU812)

    I laughed when I saw your name. We use that name for our paintball team.

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