320Z Owners. I Need Help.


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Been running W/B's and a Walker for years, but just bought a 500 hour 320Z grasscatcher. Paid 1.5K for it with the plenum/chute assy missing, but the dealer ponied up for the parts (we do mods/fabs on damned near everything) so it was no big deal. Until we couldn't find a technical manual. Or anyone in a large metropolitan area that was proficient in this admittedly unique arena, considering the number of variants.
This new leaf-eater has been under the Kleig lamps at our shop for a couple of man-days, and we finally took it back to the vendor for assembly. 4 days later, they haven't made it a front-burner issue, even though it was paid for in full. I'm just looking for anyone who knows this mower like the back of his or her hand who can smarten me up enough to get this thing back to specs. I have to have the deck fold up to fit other equipment on the trailers, so Jerry-rigging isn't an option. Model # is 71481.
Any help is appreciated. The hinge has been mounted, the strikeplate installed, the spring is "in there like swimwear", but I've yet to see how the chute is supposed to return to the entrance of the blower housing.