33 walk behind, you thoughts?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by IMoLwnz.com, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I have a 36 JD gs30, works great but... Its just to heavy and its not really what I thought I would be. Now I know every one will tell me to get another brand but its really the size and the configuration that is the problem. Maybe a Hydro would be better but a 36 inch mower and a 36inch gate... dont always work well together. I want to go with a smaller unit that is easier to manuver, like the push mower is so I was thinking that this
    would be a good fit for ME. I have a JD 777 with a 72 deck and a 717 with a 48 deck. also a jd 14SB but its getting old and I want to use this 33 to replace it.

    what is the difference from the Billy goat and the Better outdoor equipment unit??

    Im looking to buy in the next week or 2 after I sell the JDGS30.
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    ya i have 2 33 troybilt walkbehinds and thay have been good for me one is 4 years old and no probs with it and i just got another one thay cut hella good and fast

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