33cc Engine puts out?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SLR, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. SLR

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    anyone any ideas whatsoever on how much approx HP a small weedeater-type motor puts out, 33cc's?..i want to make a very small snowblower that i can bring into the basement so it stays warm,so i don't have to yank and pull for a day to start.
  2. Total.Lawn.Care

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    It depends on the aspriation and a few other factors of how the engine is set-up. I can tell you that in the Stihl Trimmer line, a 31.4cc puts out 1.3 bhp and a 36.3cc puts out 1.9 bhp. So I would guess that the 33cc would be about 1.5 bhp.
  3. newz7151

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    The original poster does not mention the brand of the weedeater motor. If this is something like a poulan or weedeater brand engine, I'd doubt the "33cc" would be anywhere remotely close to 1.5 bhp. Notice, most box store brands tout the big "cc" , but never state the rated bhp of the engine. This is because most consumers see something with like, 50cc and will think that it must be much better than the commercial built brand that is 36cc. :hammerhead:
  4. khouse

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    1.5 hp would be my guess also. But for your project the hp rating is not that important. What you need to compare is torque. A mini 4 stroke that is rated for 1.5 hp would have tons more torque than a 2 stroke.
  5. SLR

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    ahoy!..nice work fellows!!..maybe i'll think about one of those little 4stroke weeders instead..do you think if the intake for the snow were somewhere in the 16" range it would have enough power to blow some pesky snow?
  6. subs1000w

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    well if this is kinda what your looking at its on 12in wide


    16 might work with a 33cc but id probobly use a 50-80ish cc chainsaw engine but one from an older chainsaw like a 54cc homey XL12 from the 70s which would produce about 3-4hp or even one of the 80cc macs for 5-6hp from the same era because of the much lower RPM but tons of tourque plus these are fairly common and cheap and mine start 3rd or 4th pull in the winter sitting in the garage so you may not even need to store it downstairs
  7. SLR

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    your my hero subs1000 !!

    there's what i am seeking, i aim to fab up something like this up to my trikes down tube,as i find i have grown tired of my snow shovel invention where i push my feet down to scape and springs to lift during the turns,still this works almost as good as any ATV plow,especially for really tight spots,around vechiles(shovel is behind front trike tire)..think i'll just modify this little 12' 'add-on thrower',make some wings for it,get a big engine,and fixup any weak looking spots,probably have drive extremely slow..any ideas for this venture R welcome..
  8. khouse

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    I thought you already had the engine. If your going to buy one then look at the Honda and Briggs mini 4 strokes.
  9. lawnmaniac883

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    usually 33cc like a box store = 1hp
  10. SLR

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    you are indeed very much accurate lawnmaniac..i found the exact figure to be @1.2hp'z latter today..

    i really do like the sounds of a mini 4stroke now,thanks to one Khouse..the torque factor is the secret i was scolded on!

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