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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chimmygew, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Just found out I lost a bid on 34 acres spread out over 7 different locations. Walked all of them. Driving time between all 7 was about and 1 1/2 hours. Submitted my bid at $25.00 per acre which was $850.00 per cut or $28,500.00 per year. A lot of the trimming we were allowed to spray. Talked to the guy that lost it and he told me he was getting $22,000.00 per year and dropped it to $20,000.00 per year or $17.30 per acre. So, someone got it for less than $17.30 per acre. I went as low as I could possibly go. All I have to say is WOW!!!!! Couldn't imagine going that low.
  2. chimmygew

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    Also, went to a school board meeting where I had a bid in and they were supposed to vote on it. 15 minutes into the meeting they said that due to budget constraints they could not bid it out this year and maintenance would be doing it....
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    The people doing the 34 acres for 17.00 are in over there head. They wont last all season. With the fuel price going up and labor costs. Whoever got that bid is crazy.
  4. procut

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    The low balling that is going on is unbelievable. For example, I put in a bid for two cemitaries and a township hall. I bid what was pretty low in my opinion, but still havn't heard back, so someone must have bid lower.
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    Thanks to "My man Mitch" as in Mitch Daniels, all schools in Indiana are feeling a budget crunch right now. Many schools are having to riff teachers again. At where I teach, our corporation is getting rid of a math teacher. If you know anything about our statewide testing, math and English are the two focus areas. What does that say? Also, as for where I teach, I asked our athletic director a few weeks back if he would be willing to pay for me to take care of the baseball field. I think I estimated something like 12 mowings...the coach is a friend...so I quoted him (the a.d.) $300. He basically wouldn't pay me $3.00 to do it. He was afraid of stepping on our maintance people's toes. Quote: "Our maintance people get paid to do that." Most schools, especially small schools do it that way instead of hiring someone. In my area, Greensburg IN., even the large school in the county, approx. 900 students, I think, doesn't hire anyone and they have a lot of ground. Anyway, the best I could get out of my a.d. at the time was: "We can put you up a sign. Would that help you get more business?" So, as of right now, I'm doing it for FREE since the coach is a good friend and I want the kids to have something they are proud of to play on. The coaches have said there have been a lot of parents compliment on how well it looks. Who knows, it may lead to some new jobs. So my point is...don't lose any sleep on the school job. You could have given them some rediculously low price and they still would not have hired you.
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    what you got is a mess that previous adminastrations put the state in , and now Daniels is charged with trying to fix it.
  7. packerbacker

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    I have a feeling its going to stop soon when all the lowballers really find out how much it costs to run a business with gas prices where they are at.
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    i put in a bid for mowing & trimming & plowing a local school system, 15 acres athletic fields, they wanted those mowed twice a week, 22 acres general grounds & practice fields, about 8 miles of chain link fence to trim, (no chemicals) spring & fall cleanup, with over 150 oak & maple trees on sites, woods around 3 of the buildings, 7 different sites, plus plowing the lots which are huge with only 1 designated area at each site for piles,(loader work all the way) I figured & refigured, decided I wanted to see last years bids,
    I about died when I found out last years winning bid was only 40k, no matter how I trimed the cost, (dangerous when looking at pre estimating a snowbelt school) I could not get below 71,300, I for the life of me will never figure out how with fuel cost ect. how anybody could go with 40k, I bid but no surprise,
    I lost it. :angry: :dizzy:
    Hope he goes upside down by mid summer.

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