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34Z or 44Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grass Whacker, May 13, 2005.

  1. Grass Whacker

    Grass Whacker LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I have 28 weekly lawns with the largest being .75 acres. I am currently using a toro proline 36" with a velkey which is starting to use some oil. Planned on buying a Gravely 34Z to replace my walk behind. If I had the 34Z I could get in all of my gates with one mower. If I had the 44Z I could get in about half of the back yards and use the toro and a 21" on rest. Will it be a wash on time or will the extra 10" make it worth the money. Thanks for reading. :help:
  2. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,656

    How big are the back yards that you would have to use the 21"? How big are the areas that you could use the 44" and would it gain you enough time to overshadow the loss of time with the 21"?

    I would think using one mower would be smarter. The extra 10" isn't going to be a huge amount of time saved on smaller properties.

    Remember the 34Z is dangerous on any slopes, so if you have yards with hills you might not want this mower.
  3. Grass Whacker

    Grass Whacker LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    The back yards that I would be using the 21" are not big. Largest ~1000 sqft. No steep slopes. Some of the lawns are next to each other and I burn lots of time going back to the trailer for other equipment. Thanks for input.
  4. Tider6972

    Tider6972 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Alabama
    Messages: 649

    Mowing open areas, the 34 will take 4 passes to the 44' s 3; IOW, the 44 has about a 23% cutting size advantage over the 34.

    The 34 is not "dangerous on any slope", not even close! The 34 will slide on a slope too steep for it, but it won't fool you into thinking it'll handle something, if it won't cross the slope you'll know quick. In fact, the PM34Z will handle 'most' anything the PM44Z will, because the tracks are very close to the same width.Tires are the 44's advantage, it has larger tires than the 34.

    I've virtually eliminated 21s with the PM34Z, it's a beautiful machine for it's designed prupose, which is small areas. Great cut, sips fuel, and is fast!

    Go as big as you can go. If you can put a 60 anywhere you can put that 44, get the 60 !..or a 52. But if sounds to me that the 34 will save you more time than the 44, because in the time you spend changing mowers , and having to use 21s, you'll be finished and gone with the PM34Z !
  5. green-go

    green-go LawnSite Member
    Messages: 79

    Get the 44, then either repair/replace the engine on the 36, assuming the rest of the mower still has life left in it. You could get a replacement engine for the 36 for about $500, maybe less if you want to go with a lesser engine. Otherwise I'm sure there'll be times when you wish you still had a 36.
  6. lawnman_scott

    lawnman_scott LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,547

    Get the 34Z. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It can do a slope if your careful, not a huge long area, or around water, but its a great mower. Riding is soooooooo much easier on you that walking is. Think what aug will be like, then decide what you want to do.
  7. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,995

    If you are going to buy a new mower, buy the biggest one you can justify (efficiency of use vs cost). Then either get a new engine on the 36" WB or keep running it the way it is. Using a little oil isn't the worst thing especially when you just cut its work load by 60-75%.

    I went from a 36" to a 60" and couldn't be happier. My dilema was 52" or 60". I bit the bullet and went with the 60" and found that I can use it on almost all my small properties too. I have one yard that went from 25 minutes with my 36" WB to 8 minutes (gate up to gate up) with the 60" (very little trimming and edging).

    Still have the walk behind 36" for back up and one drainage ditch. Recently upgraded to a Z-cat 36" ZTR for some gated back yards. Again it was time vs money and saving time won.
  8. jtkplc

    jtkplc LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,656

    Just going by what other 34Z owners have said on this site about taking it on a slope. I've never used one to know.
  9. twwlawn

    twwlawn LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    I use my 34Z on 45 out of 63 lawns. Those 45 lawns are gated with 36" gates and are flat. The wb's sit on the trailer with the bigger Z's. That 34Z has been a great asset to me and has cut down on the time cutting those lawns. I feel pretty good at the end of the day compared to running wb's with a sulky. There are a lot of posts/threads on the 34Z and from reading them last year, that made my mind up and I got one. Get one, you won't be disappointed.
  10. willretire@40

    willretire@40 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from VA
    Messages: 1,390

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