$35.00 a acre!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Prof. Ballz, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Prof. Ballz

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    Hi Guys,

    Great forum.
    I currently live in Southern California and have been mowing lawns here for over a decade. I will be relocating to East Tennessee this winter and will have to rebuild my business there.

    The lawns out here are small (average less than 1500sqft) compared to the mega-acre spreads in Tennessee. All work out here is strictly walk behind. In Tennessee I will have to add a ZTR to my toys to handle the acreage. I was talking to a guy in Tennessee and he said the average charge was $35.00 a acre!

    This cant be right! I could get eight times that much in Cali. I know the ZTRs are fast mowers but $35.00 a acre doesn't seem worth it.
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Just depends , I do alot of mowing in the country for 35 an acre and if I was in the city i prob could avg 250 an acre based on the size of the lots. Just a 35 mile drag for me to the city everday and I dont want to fight the traffic or all the other cutters in the city
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    Tennessee ain't california,you won't be able to price things in Tenn. like you do on the other side of the park.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    It could be true I see 40-45 an acre here hence I like the smaller lawns better since i see 30 for half an acre. Its not that bad though few fences and some good speed on the mowers means i can do 4-5 half acre lawns an hour.
  5. Prof. Ballz

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    The cost of living in Tennessee is indeed lower than So Cal and I didnt expect to charge the same rate I'm used to.

    My main concern is that I dont want to start off in a new location quoting lowball prices and $35.00 a acre seemed really low. I was told the ZTRs can mow around two acres a hour depending on the lay of the land so I guess that would be over the min. $50 a hour rate I use.
  6. Runner

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    Make sure you and that other guy were talking about the same thing. Granted, I can see where California and Tenessee may have some differences in pricing, but like here, you can get $50-60 for an acre, or if you're doing wide area mowing, you're looking at closer to $20 per acre.
  7. dvmcmrhp52

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    All depends on what kind of mowing it is...............flat wide open,etc. ztr's can do much more than 2 acres per hr. under the right conditions and with the right machine.
    Good luck with your journey east.
  8. stevo22

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    not sure who or where in tenn gave you a price of $35 an acre but i can tell you that in my part of tenn i get at least $30-35 for around 8k sq ft...an acre with minimum trimming would go for about 75-90...and that is with average trimming and yard difficulty...i have a 4+ acre yard that i cut for $250...comes out to 62.50 acre...the bigger the property it is almost like the price comes down in relation to the size...i have a common area that i cut that is about 26k sq ft that i charge $250 for also...it has 1.5 miles of edging, .4 miles of weedwacking...actual grass to cut does not take that long but when you factor in all of the edging and weedwacknig time the price goes up...you have got to know what the market will pay in each area you work in, that is all there is to it...if you want 40 for 1/4 acre, then work in the part of town that can and will pay it...
  9. Prof. Ballz

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    Stevo, the guy works in the Portland Tenn area and I agree he is too low. I will start out in the $50 range for a easy level mow per acre with normal trimming and go up from there.

    Thanks for the imput guys!

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