$35 for 1 acre - is this too low?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn-Scapes, Jun 9, 2001.

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    I gave an estimate today to a yard right behind one I'm presently cutting. I've been trying to get this yard and a couple others right next to it for a while now. The guy who was cutting it was just plain crappy! That's why I got the one I have now. The guy who approached me was the new owner as of a week ago. It's 1.09 acres with your typical $300,000 house and driveway taking up some space. It's relatively flat with a bank (20'W x 100'L) across the front of the property. I can cut the whole thing with my Lazer. I told the guy $45. He said well I think the previous owner was paying $35. I asked where is this 'so called' lawn service? He said he called him and he hasn't returned his call. I said hmmm. I explained to him that 'so called' lawn service was cutting the one I presently am cutting and they were not happy and he should go talk to them about my service.

    So he had me cut it today and said he'd get back with me... after he price shops!!!

    While I was cutting him another neighbor approached me. He asked if I was the new owner. After I told him nope...we chatted for about 10 minutes. I told him that I had been targeting his lawn for the past year. He said really? He had the same lawn service I mentioned above and switched back to a lawn company he had had before... I politely pointed out everything that was wrong without exaggeration... too short, lots of clumps and overlay, grass in his fresshly mulched beds and lots of missed trimming. I told him that would never happen if I were doing it. Anyways... he said he was paying $35 also. Same size property with more bank.

    How can I compete????? Am I expecting too much at $45? I could really use both of these lawns. I only cut the one and it's a good travel.

    Thanks for letting me express myself.......
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    No, they are getting $35 worth of work. The other guy is moving sooooo fast that he is unable to do a complete job because he must move on to the next job to make up for his poor bidding skills.

    I would kindly explain this to the customer, if thay accept great, if not at least you have not placed yourself in the other guys place of underbidding.

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    i am finding this to be the case more and more so now. last year i priced a yard for 150 a cut. they were paying 90 previously. 200 was good for that account. 90 per cut, 90 per cleanup. so when it takes 2 guys 11 1/2 hrs to cut and clean once, where does that leave you? then one of the deli guys the other night asked me to cut his lawn on a regular basis, asked me how much. i told him 120 per cut. 1.5 acres on a massive hill, yes worse that joshua's. he told me that a few years ago a guy was cutting it for him for 35 a cut. only way to do the front and side is with a walk behind, the backyard is again a hill, but can be done carefully with a Z so that is 90 vs. 150 - 200 and 35 vs. 120 how do these guys make money? average around here is about 80 per acre./
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    My friend has a co do his moms yard, 4500 sq ft home on over 2 acres they charge $40 doing it with two guys with Walkers but no trimming my friend does that himself every Sunday. Asked me if I wanted the job but hey no thanks 40 is a deal they can do all my big yards for that much and Ill just trim lol.
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    I see more and more "regular people" that aren't a LCO, and undercut everybody!

    How can they do this??? - They don't charge tax, they aren't insured, and they aren't in it for profit as much as "something to do"(and many other variables).

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