350,450,550 - really what are the differences

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by meets1, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Around here you see a pile of one ton pickups pulling 30 ft trailers hauling stuff in oilfield, most run one tons.. but run them to death.. 2 yrs or so they are shot.. usually transmissions give out first, they regularly pull loads of over 20,000 pounds. DOT does not give 2 craps here about gvrw. People are always bending and breaking leaf springs on there gooseneck trailers cause they hall heavy and go 50+ mph down gravel roads that have pot holes and are beat to hell.

    another option is like in the 2000 7.3L F-450 I picked up for a good deal, has airbags in the back and springs removed... u can throw 6000 pounds of sod on back, and same in bumper pull dump trailer.. and it levels the rear of truck right out. I have no idea what a system like that costs
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    Here are some good ones I saved from a local website:

    The one that is busted behind cab is 1.5 ton.. The red ford tipped is f350 with over 35K of drill pipe on that trailer! and the last is a dodge 1 ton pulling a totaled out dodge 2500 on trailer, and other on trailer with its real wheels on pave.. and a car trailer hooked up to that one with another dodge 2500 on that!!! he lost it down a steep hill.



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    I have been doing some looking. I found a GMC4500 dump. 50K miles gas engine. 2003 I think. Asking $15K. The gas motor doesn't bother I guess. Now is a 4500 Gm truck rated the same as a 450 ford? Gm looks more "truck" like vs Ford is more pickup like. I have seen some newer ones but there still asking $30k+ for a truck. I didn't realize diesel trucks hold there value that much over a gasser. Then I found a GMC5500 with durmax 115K, 2004 asking about $10K more. I haven't found any dodge 450-550 used yet - maybe to new at this point. Any thoughts?
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    Do some research on the GMC's before jumping in.
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    The GMC and Chevy 4500-7500 is more of pull me over because a lot of guys will overload them like crazy my F550 will hypothetically hold 18,936 lbs in the 9' Monroe dump box. and my truck weighs in at 10,800 empty...Just cause you can do it doesn't mean its legal. but the smaller trucks around here get stopped 1/2 as much as the larger 26,000 lbs trucks do for DOT inspections
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    How soon are you wanting a truck?

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