3500hd 19.5 wheels on a regular 3500

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jpocket, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Jpocket

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    Will the 3500hd 19.5 budd wheels fit on a regular 3500 with 16.5's. I am wondering if the bolt pattern on the hub is different.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Jpocket

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  3. TLS

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    They are 10 hole 19.5x6.

    They won't fit without an adapter.
  4. dwc

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  5. Jason Rose

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    Had a guy up the street with a 1 ton ford that had put ???" wheels on it (they were BIG and supposed to be on a semi!). It looked insane to say the least. sadly he never cleaned them and they were always dull. I too wondered how they bolted up...
  6. Gravel Rat

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    You have a option for 19.5 wheels for your truck if you want to modify the center hole which means taking the wheels to a machine shop.

    You probably seen the older Grumman Vans well they have 19.5 wheels on them they are 8 bolt but the problem is the center hole is 4.56"s in diameter where your 16" wheels have a center hole of 4.60"s. You need to have this machined because they are hub pilot wheels so the center hole needs to be accurate. Also you would need to switch to the old style tapered lug nuts with clamping plates where your current wheels use swivel nuts.

    The weight rating on your 16" wheels is 2440lbs at 80 psi the 19.5 wheels are 2540lbs at 80 psi. Not much difference but you do get the benefit of longer wearing 19.5 rubber. The 19.5 wheels will add extra 72lbs to the truck not including the tires.
  7. TLS

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    I think your numbers are wrong there Gravel Rat.

    8 lug 16" wheels are at least 3400lb rated, with 19.5's checking in at 4500-5000lb ratings.

  8. Gravel Rat

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    No my numbers were right those are factory numbers from Accuride the largest wheel manufacturer who manufactures wheels for Ford Chevy and Dodge. I bet if you look at the factory wheels on the truck it should have Accuride stamped in them.

    Rickson wheels are heavier because they are custom made they are more expensive too.

    A regular P/U truck wheel is rated at 3400lbs but a budd wheel isn't rated at that.

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