3500HD GMC/Chevy or Ford F450?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mkwl, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. mkwl

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    Nice- what did the C/C run you?
  2. Woodman1

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    I will have to double check the numbers because I am trading and adding this and that, but with the emergency equip package included 43 I THINK. Don't hold me to that exactly though.
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    Dodge diesels in the 4500 and 5500 models also use urea, like Ford and GM. The Ford F650/750 with the 6.7L Cummins I6 also uses urea injection. They might have the 6.4L V8 TD in those trucks now though.

    The 4500/5500 trucks and their 4.44/4.88 axle ratios will eat more fuel, have more expensive tires to replace, and have a harsher ride. If you don't need the payload capacity or front gross axle weight rating for a huge plow, stick with the 3500 series. I'm not sure if Ford still uses the V10 gas in the 4500/5500, but for an everyday hauler it might be worth looking into if you can eat the 6-8mpg. The F350 can be had with the 6.2L V8, but if you want to stick with GM and a gas engine, the 3500 GM is hard to ignore as I find GM is the best of the big3 with ride quality.

    I'm in the market and am considering a RAM 3500 dually chassis. Dodge makes the only HD truck with a manual transmission (diesel only). So it has my attention on that alone.

    All gas trucks over 10K gross are de-tuned for long term reliability. As an example a GM 3500 with the 6L V8 puts out 322hp, over the 360hp of the 2500 truck with the same engine. Torque remains the same, at the same rpm, go figure that one.

    I find it hard to justify the cost of a diesel from Ford or GM based on the fact that they want $12K+ for the diesel and automatic transmission option. The Dodge diesel might not have the torque numbers with the manual, but is $4K less here in Canada.

    I buy trucks for the long term, so I do my homework on part costs, labour, tire cost, servicing cost, etc. Some services I can axe out as I can do those myself. For 60K miles (Canadian dollars here folks), Dodge came in first place with the diesel, last in the gas engine. GM Came in the middle for diesel, and 1st in gas engine costs. Ford came in with highest costs for the diesel and in the middle for gas engine costs. The only thing that Cummins asks is to check valve lash (I believe) at around 40K in order to be covered for the duration of the warranty, etc. I don't tow excessively and the diesel manual transmission combo with the 3.73 gears (highest available in Canada) can tow just over 13K, which is nearly 3 tons more than I really need, but it's room to grow.
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    If you're considering a 4500/5500 series truck, check out the International TerraStar too. As for what Kelly said, the commercial/fleet sales manager at my local Chevy dealer said the new 4500/5500 GM is all but a done deal. But even if what you said about Obummer is true, he and the liberals in the Senate will be gone in 2016 when the American people get tired of his class warfare/job killing agenda anyway.
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  5. Woodman1

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    Gallihergreen - let's hope we can make it that long!!!
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  6. Chris_NC06

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    We'll be alright. :usflag:
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  7. hosejockey2002

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    No good comparison in weight hauling capacity from a 3500 series to a true (not pickup) 450/4500 series. So even if you are a die hard GM guy GM is not an option for you unless you want to sacrifice big-time payload. Those mason dumps are heavy! Figure each truck will weigh about 10K unloaded. So you get either 3300 or 6000 pounds of payload. That's a no-brainer. In fact if I were going to get a little mason dump I'd go right to the 550/5500. Truck costs a little more and weighs a little more but then you can get a payload of closer to 8000 pounds. You can almost do real work with that.

    On the gas vs. diesel, these days that's tough. Ford still uses the Triton V10, a tried and true engine. With diesel emissions garbage these days, the gas engine will almost certainly give you less headaches and cost you less in repairs. That said, diesel will give you better mileage so you will get fuel less often. Not saying you will save money though. A diesel will really shine when hauling heavy and towing at the same time. That's what these motors are made to do. I'd drive both and think long and hard if you are going with Ford.

    The other guys did well to bring up the Ram, or Dodge, or whatever-they-call-themselves this week 4500 series. I would give them strong consideration. No gas option with Ram, as everybody knows they use the Cummins B series engine, of which there are probably about 100,000,000 of them in use around the world in countless applications. They also use an Aisin-sourced transmission. Aisin builds transmissions for Isuzu and other Japanese trucks, and have a great reputation.

    So I would do your homework. In my opinion brand loyalty has no place in buying a truck for commercial use. Keep an open mind and while it's always good to keep others opinions in mind, they are all worth what they cost you (which of course is nothing), find the truck that you like and will suit the needs of your business.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Another feature of the Ram 4500s that can not be over looked is fuel tank size. 52 gallons is a lot of diesel. I get 550-900 miles on a tank aren't too many guys here that can say that.
  9. Pietro

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    Id search for an older (pre emission) diesel dump. Try to find a ford with the 7.3 or a Dmax/Allison. I was amazed when I searched craigslist in the southern states. They had a lot of 4x4 dump trucks and they were all clean, 0 rust, and decently priced. New trucks are awesome, but new truck payments SUCK! One day I will need a new to me truck, and Im prob going to be going down south to get it.
  10. GallucciLandscaping

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    Does anyone have reports of the mileage to be expected out of the ford v10 gasser?

    As nice as the diesel is for power, these darn emissions have sure ycaused some problems for guys in my area. Add to that, the mileage from today's diesels aren't that of the older ones (fuel mileage that is)

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