3500sf dead patch overnight

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by precisionlawn, Apr 19, 2003.

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    Yesterday I completed a renovation job. This lady has a 15000sf backyard. In the middle of the yard, a 3500sf dead patch of grass was there. What I did was powerraked on a low setting, tearing everything up, then i ran over it all with my scag, then raked it up. I had 15 yards of topsoil delivered and spread it out over the area. Them layed down some starter fert. and seeded. When I was threw she told me that that area just died pratically overnight last fall. Could that be grub worms, or something else. When i broke up the soil with the powerrake, the soil looked kinda "sandy". Do you think grass will grow there again with what I did. I will follow up in about 5 or 6 weeks with some turf builder, then maybe mid-June with grub control. Will this work, do you think her grass will grow?
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    the grass should grow again, and sounds like you did the proper thing when reseeding it. just by reading your post, sounds like grubs to me. last year the grubs seemed to be out late, and i lost a few patches on a property. I would also maybe say it coulda been armyworms, but usually the turf will come back from army worm invasion. did you see any grub larvae when you were powerraking it?
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    Sorry, but what does grub larvae look like? any pics, or a description will help!
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  5. precisionlawn

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    Thank you for the pics, but no, I didnt see any of those. But they wouldnt be around yet anyway, would they?
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    Does the house/yard have a septic system and leaching field?

    It may be methane gass release with out any liquid noticable!

    I have seen that but only once! The size (3500sqft) sounds like it could be.
    But then again if they have a sewer system it would not .

    Little guy

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