35HP briggs problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by supercuts, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. supercuts

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    anyone had a problem like this?, my new scag with a 35hp briggs was only a few months old and the battery went dead. got a new one and noticed as it cranked over it seemed like now there was a dead spot in the starter. took it to the dealer and they put a new one in. called to make sure it was ready to pick up and they told me the had the engine apart and were now replacing the cam and it was not the starter??

    it ran perfect once started, and would start fairly easy even with the "flat spot" while turing over so i was trying to think how or why a cam would be the issue. they said Briggs reccommended it so im assuming others have delt with this? i dealt with it all summer so not to take the mower out of service while it was being fixed, now im concerned some 18yo is tearing it apart and now something may not be done right which will be much more significant than a flatspot in a starter.
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    Sueprcuts I would think by now you would have faith in your dealer.

    Anywho, to the problem it sounds like maybe the cam to valve clearance was maybe tight causing more resistance when turning over. If this was the case then the cam lobe could of worn quickly. Briggs could of had wrong overlap on some cams made? Who knows forsure. I would stop by the dealer and ask to talk to the mechanic that worked on it if it doesn't sound right. Thats what I do at least, just go in and while picking up the machine talk to the guy who worked on it (if it was to check valve clearance I ask if they where close or good, etc, if they changed the hydro fluid, what did it look like).
  3. ed2hess

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    No problem with ours....two years old and 600 hrs on it. Manufacturing defects do occur just a fact of probability. Good luck.
  4. supercuts

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    the short of the long story about the dealer is im scared of the work. my mower has been in since dec 2nd. they kept calling to say its ready and i kept asking if they fixed the starter issue. then they said it was just the batery, then they said they would, then said come and get it and didnt touch it and so on. so i took the mechanic out to see it happen and he gave the stupid comment of "i tried for 45 mins turning it over and it never did that". im just worried because nobody is communicating there. after more then 10 years of bobcats this is my first scag with a new dealer. if bobcat didnt make the 33hp generac a 4 week special order got rid of the 37hp kawi, id have another bobcat but i needed the mower quick and made a choice
  5. SouthSide Cutter

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    Only problem I have heard of with the Big Block Briggs is sucking dirty air around the throttle shaft. Seen this myself. But the guy may have run the air cleaner to long before changing it. And this was on a Exmark.
  6. PK Mows

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    They're blaming the cam because of the compression release I would think. You're describing an issue that could be caused by that. I haven't had one of these apart but I would assume it has the same mechanical compression release as the smaller Vanguards.

    I'd doubt it is the starter although voltages should be checked before taking things apart. The starter could be bad, not saying it isn't possible, but your description, and what the shop says, compression release seems like a legitimate diagnosis and cam replacement would be the fix.

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