36" Bobcat how to lower mow height?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Az Gardener, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Az Gardener

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    We have succesfully dealt with the crabbing issue no mechanical adjustments just a firm hand guiding, thank you for the help. Next Question how do we lower the cut height? The front wheels are as low as they go, can't see a way to lower the back wheels and if we put spacers on the blades they will be below the drum and would appear to be dangerous. The cut height now is about 1-3/8" would like to get down to 1" if possible.
  2. Jay Ray

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    Az, if you don't have an operator's manual on the machine, most likely you need one. Don't know about Bobcat, but do know Toro is very good about selling you a manual if you give them the model and serial number of the machine. I bought operator and parts manuals on a '93 Proline.

    I keep my manuals in the truck so don't have them at hand, but as I recall my exmark metro w/b goes down to 1.25 inches, but I keep it higher than that, never under 2.5 inches. It has an arc of 5 holes where you can remove the bolt and change rear axle height. Same priniciple a push mower, just much harder to do.

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