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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Keith Jr, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I'm just brand new to this site, I've been reading around for about a week now, and there's really a lot of great information on this site. It's better than any google search I'll ever do.

    My name's Keith, and I've been doing the whole landscaping deal for about 6 years now. I'll be 17 in June, and started off by doing my neighbor's lawn every week, at age 11. Since then, I've grown every year by just handing out flyers in my development. Each year it grows, and now I'm finally where I would like to be.

    I'm about to buy a new 6x10 enclosed trailer, just bought a new walk behind McLane Edger, going to be getting the new Echo back pack blower, and want to buy a new mower.

    This year, I think I'll be doing around 40 lawns a week, offering the entire landscaping deal now, as opposed to just cutting.

    I'm excited to finally be done with walking all of my equipment everywhere, and finally be using a truck and trailer. I think it will help me loads, and am looking forward to expanding.

    My question to all of you is, which is the best mower to be buying? Currently, I only have, I think it is a 22" self propelled Honda. I bought it last year, and love the mower, but I need to get a new one.

    I'd like to get a 36", so it fits through most, if not all gates to backyards. I've looked at the John Deere's, Bob-Cats, and ExMark's, only a bit though. I'm mainly interested in what all of you have to say, since everyone works with them every day here.

    So, what do you think is my best buy? I don't really have a limit on what I can spend on this mower, and am the type that would get a new, great mower.

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    I started out just like you about 20 years ago. I got the 36 so it would fit in most gates...............most that is, it wont fit in all of them.

    When it doesnt you need to be man enough to "tip" the mower on two wheels and get it in the gate that isnt wide enough.

    It will slow you down for the most part instead of having a wider mower but it will get the job done.

    You are only 17 I was like 30, you should be able to do it.
  3. lifetree

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    Check out the Quick series of mowers ... either the 32" or 36" !!

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    Buy at-least a 7x14 trailer. You will find the 6x10 too small. I have a 6x12 for sale but actually found it too small for my set up which is a 46" exmark HP zero turn mower and a 36" exmark metro belt lawn mower. It was just too narrow and short once I added the bagging unit to my zero turn mower. You also have to be careful on the back ramp door. Zero turns are too heavy for the 1000 pound rated rear ramp door. :walking:
  5. Keith Jr

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  6. Roger

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    You don't say anything about your budget, or what you intend to spend. Also, you don't say anything about the kinds of lawns you intend to mow (e.g. size, terrain, bagging clippings, etc). This information would be helpful. For example, if you need to mow much sloping terrain, than a single hydro driven walk-behind would not be a good choice.

    I have had an Exmark Viking, hydro driven, Kohler 15 hp engine, twin spindles. It has served me very well, now into the tenth season (well over 6,500 hours, but no hour meter). The engine has been replaced one time, and spindle bearings have been replaced. Of course, hydro and deck belts have been replaced as needed, but tend to last at least two seasons. The hydro pumps and wheel motors have been flawless. Much of the time, I have pulled a sulky.

    I think Exmark continues to make this machine, although the engine is now a Kaw. Exmark also make a 36" Turf Tracer, a floating deck rather than a fixed deck (Viking models). At 36" wide, I don't think a floating deck is necessary. The important dimension that is a problem is length of the machine, not width.

    There are several major brands that could do the job for you, Scag, Wright Stander, Toro, Ferris, to name some of them.
  7. Bird'sLawnService

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    I am 17 also and I have 45 accounts. I have a 14 ft trailer which works pretty good with the set up. I wouldn't suggest going any smaller. You can put tractors on it and plenty of equipment for when your business grows. I have a 48" scag ZTR and a 36" scag walk behind. I just bought the wb a couple months ago and it has been the best buy in a while. You find that it cuts out almost all of the push mowin. Scars are great, you can't go wrong with them.
  8. Keith Jr

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    It's all residential homes, properties not too big.
  9. Keith Jr

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    I said that I don't really have a limit on what I can spend, I would just like to get my hands on a quality mower.

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    You might want to go to the forum jump at the bottom of the page and scroll down and double click on MEMBERS ONLY FREE Equipment & Parts Marketplace. My equipment is for sale there as well as the equipment of other members of the lawnsite community. My 36" Exmark belt-drive metro with 265 hours is for sale for about 53% of what I paid for it.:walking:

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