36" Deck for free.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EagleLandscape, Nov 13, 2003.

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    OK, weird day. Not only was it cold today, (I wore a shirt mowing for the first time this season). But I meet a guy that works part time for my competition. Well he says he used to be in the business, yada yada. SO I give him my card. He calls me later that night and tells me he's got a 36" deck for free.

    SO I'm now the proud owner of a Toro t-bar 36" floating deck mower. It needs a new engine and a new clutch. I was thinking a 12.5hp engine would be good enough. HOw much am I looking to spend to getting this thing running if I get a brand new engine and a new clutch./ The tranmission is fine, its a 4sp + nuetral.
    WIlll post pics tomorrow, its night time, cold, and the mower is still in the trailer in the garage, and its COLD!!
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  3. ElephantNest

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    Get a 15hp.
  4. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Bigger Be Better. Get the 15 Kaw.
  5. scottishmaximus

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    I got a 12.5 kohler from small engine warehouse. price was 420 with tax i think. runs great on my 36" with plenty power. The guys at small engine warehouse said it is the same as a 15hp kohler if i am not mistaken. they just put different stickers and maybe a different carb adjustment. I once had an 8.5hp and 10hp briggs that were identical in appearance. I measured the pistons, stroke, valves, and everything i could think of but could not find any differences. I was told that these particular engines were the same. I have heard that electric clutches can cost around $300.
  6. stevo22

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  7. TRex

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    I have a 15hp on my 36" and sometimes wish it had a couple more while mulching heavy stuff. Check on a 17hp I think it would cut through just about anything. And put your shirt on.
  8. EagleLandscape

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    haha, when its 110 degrees in texas, no i dont wear a shirt. im 18 and its freaking texas. I'm solo, no one cares, and im the favored kid in the area. the old ladies like it too ;p
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    We replaced the engine and clutch on our mower last year since it was an 1990 Proline 36". Just make sure the engine you get is designed for the Toro since it has an electric clutch. I had it done at the dealer and the engine was about $650 and the electric clutch was around 169.00 You can get it much cheaper, we just did not have the time to fool with it.
  10. EagleLandscape

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    Yeah i got the exact same prices today from my dealer. I was cleaning up the machine today and noticed the heck is cracked. (inbetween the two blade spindles). So I guess this mower is trash:(. But I'm gonna keep it for parts. Belts, T-Bar system, and tranny are perfect. 3 tires are in perfect condition. It is a 90's model, maybe 89. But it's got a gas tank too thats in fair condition. Plus all the spindles are in fair condition.

    And the shirt issue: I guess the only reason why I don't put on a shirt is, that I can still get away with it at my age. Given, I don't do commercial accounts (yet). Just residential. No one cares, and my work speaks for itself. I don't need a uniform. Although next year I will be wearing a shirt because I do need to act mroe professional, but 40 yards solo a week this summer isn't much, so I got away with it. peace out.

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