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36" EXMARK hydro turf tracer

Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a 36" hydro Exmark for sale. It has the weights on the front,mulch kit,stripe bar,2 wheel bullrider sulkey, and is in excellnet shape. I bought this mower from a friend who took excellent care of it. It has the 15 hp kawasaki and around 250 hours. I also have 4 set of blades with it. 2 high lifts and 2 mulching. To be honest I liked my 36" Scag better, and thats why I have a want ad on here for a Scag walk-behind. This Exmark is a great mower and stripes awsome but I am definatley better with the old pistol grips. $3500.00 OBO. :usflag:

Southside Lawn Services

LawnSite Member
Va Beach Va
Call me when you get a chance, I'm in Va. Beach.


Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
Mower has sold back to friend I bought it from. He just called me and asked if I would sell it back to him. Its along story but I wanted a Scag pistol grip anyway and he wanted it back. So moderators please remove this thread as the Exmark has gone back to its original home. No harm no foul the Exmark ECS system just isn't for me.