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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingtowing, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. mowingtowing

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    does anyone else run a 36" exmark TT?? I have a few issues with mine that i would like to see how others delt with (if they had them). First off, the mower deck frame was bent from the factory (ended up taking it back to dealer and they replaced it under warranty). I got exmarks "free stander" promotion velke with the mower and im not too happy with it (so if you are considering buying one, dont). And finally, when going up hills (normal sized hills, not big at all) the front of the mower tends to raise off the ground and i have to push forward on the handles to keep it down or get off the velke, seems like it needs a weight kit to elimate that. Anyone else had these issues? Im most annoyed with the going up hills issue.
    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the 36", its quick and powerful and much easier to handle then my previous 36" metro belt drive.
  2. CBB

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    Exmark makes a weight kit for their walkbehinds. It mounts on the front casters of the machine. Each weighs about 10 lbs. It should help, especially that you are using a standon attachment.
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    make your own weight kit, theres is somthing like $150 for two pieces of molded steel and four U-bolts.
  4. mowingtowing

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    yea, the weight kit is 18lbs and costs over $100. Thats expensive steel esp since i have access to a plasma cutter and a big arse welder. I was just really wondering if it was only me with the problem.

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