36" HD Walk Behind or 36" ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky03, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Husky03

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    Alright, I posted a thread about which belt drive WB to get and all I keep gearing is get a hydro. You guys were great and helped me out a lot in that thread. For the cost of a 36" hydro WB I could get the Hustler Mini Fastrak zero turn. If I wait until after fall I will have plenty of money to get the Hustler if I choose. It is $3700 at my dealer. I have also looked at the Gravely 34Z, but I would get much better dealer support with the Hustler. If I got the Hustler it will be my only mower besides my push, I will NOT have a separate WB unit for hills, uneven terrain, etc. I do not mow and large lawns with hills at this time anyways. Would I be able to get by with a small zero trun only and no walk behind to get me started? I appreciate any help.:)
  2. Tider6972

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    I know that many here say how important a dealer is, and the dealer is important...but when you compare the Hustler Mini-FasTrak and the Gravely PM34Z, you are talking apples and oranges !

    While Hustler' SuperZ is arguably THE best ZTR available, the Mini-FasTrak is strictly a homeowner unit. I does NOT have a commercial quality hydraulic system.

    The Gravely, on the other hand, is a commercial mower in every sense. It has HydroGear pumps and HydroGear wheel motors, the same as used on most of the commercial ZTRs on the market today. It has a 5.5" deep, 7 ga. deck...it's only limitation is hills - don't plan on mowing across an incline steeper than 18 degrees- though it will mow most any hill that any other ZTR will mow up and down. And that 15 Kawi is a sweet engine! And, it will actually pass through narrower passages than the Mini-FasTrak, by a fraction of an inch:)
  3. TClawn

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  4. TClawn

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    just another thought, you could buy a gear drive now and get the smallest size deck that they offer and then maybe a year down the road you could buy a Z that has a 52" or 60" deck and then the gear drive could become your trim mower. btw, do you have a ferris dealer near you? the 32" hydro cut has an msrp of 2,750.
  5. BSDeality

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    get a 36" wb with a proslide.. there is virtually no point to get a small (< 52") ZTR. they're meant to cover lots of ground. not small back yards.
  6. Tider6972

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    BSDeality, I hear guys say that all the time, but....Where's the logic?

    A hydro WB costs as much or MORE than the PM34Z.

    The purpose of a small mower, WB or Z, is small gate access...the PM34Z will go through gates that measure 36" from inside post to inside post...I measured for myself and passed through with a 34Z when I demoed it. A 36 WB would NOT have gotten into this back yard.

    I have 3 (THREE ! ) 1/4 acre back yards with these 36" gates as the only entry !

    A ZTR is faster than a WB, velke or not!

    A WB (work behind) will work you to death; a ZTR will not.

    The only advantage of a WB, as I see it, is more hillside ability.

    I am open to correction, but this is what I have experienced.

  7. cward

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    Buy the equipment your business can afford and that it needs. A hydro may be down the road. Nothing worse than working to pay the bank. I use a 34Z and can't imagine not having it..EVER. I agree with Tider6972, the ZTR is much more forgiving on the body over time.
  8. Josh18

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    If hills aren't an issue, I would deffinately go with the ztr. This year was my first and I started with a 32" metro, pistol grip. Now I have a Lazer ct, I can't believe how much energy I still have at the end of the day. They are so much easier to use and deffinately quicker. You might want to look into the Lazer CT. I know some people say it's not commercial, but it comes with the full comm. warrenty and exmarks website refers to it as being a great for estate owners or commercial use. You could probably get a 48"/18 horse CT for around $4800.
  9. BSDeality

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    the z's are horrible at hills or anything resembling hills. I would never go in business without a walk behind. The WB is just much more manuvuerable and agile than a Z. a Z should be a second machine IMO
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    If you dont have any hills then by all means get the gravely 34Z. We have a lazer hp 48", new 34Z and a 36" scag wb. Guess which mower only get's used on 1 lawn a week out of our 70 lawns. Yup the 36" wb. And thats only because it has a steep hill. The 34Z is powerful and produces a very nice cut.

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