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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jay, Feb 15, 2001.

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    I used a demo 36" walk behind husky mower the other day with gear drive and had a few questions for the people in here with similiar mowers. Do all the walk behinds this size need to have the bolt removed from the spindle each time you change the blades. This seems like a pain. Do you have to torque them? Can the husky's have two blades mounted on each spindle by just crossing them + and then puting bolt through the center or does a special plate need to be made for this. I asked the rep. about mounting two blades he never heard of it but said he would warranty it the same after telling him exmark would. When you turn in these how do you keep the grass from tearing where the back wheel that sits still is? I like the cut is real nice with these bigger mowers in some places it looks like you didn't even mow the lawn. Ive been using a 21" Honda for the past five years and this is a big step up for me.Oh and on the blades they have ruffles is it ok to just sharpen these straight?

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    I know someone has a thought on this.
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    A lot of spindle bolts are like that, it makes it easier for double blades. You just move a spacer to the top and you still have the same height. You don't need anything for the doubles. Just tighten them down real good and they will not move.

    Is the unit a hydro? If its a hydro you just put a little pressure on the stationary wheel to make it spin backwards as you turn and it will not cut into the grass. If its a belt just barely let that side tire keep moving. In my area, this usually isn't a problem except on fescue. Usually the w/b's don't tear up the ground when turning.
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    I've never seen a WB machine with any spindles other than those you describe. Just keep to wrenches and a sharp set of blades (or 2 sets if you're doubling them). All my spindle nuts use a 15/16" wrench. Not such a pain once you get used to doing it. Commercial blades have a lot more cutting area than the 21" mowers, and since they have such high rpm's, the cut is far superior.

    If you're tearing up grass, it's because you're either stopping too quickly and skidding, or the wheel is pivoting in place. Try to slow down gradually, and make the inside wheel do a small loop. This problem will also be a bit worse when it's wet.

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