36 inch or 48 inch walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by galusham, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. galusham

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    I'm new to the business and have my 1st residential job lined up this weekend for 1 flat acre. I'm buying a mower tonight and am still undecided on the 36 or 48. They are the same price. This will be my only commercial mower for a while since I'm only part-time. I do have a cheap 21 inch push for small stuff. How many fenced back yards do you think I will be missing if I don't get the 36? I'd like to eventually get mostly commercial lots, but am only getting residential calls so far from my yellow book ad. Also, I decided to go w/ the floating deck even though it was more b/c I want to be able to easily change the height. Are there any disadvantages to the floating?
  2. proenterprises

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    Wow, what company sells the 36 and 48 inch for the same price?

    If you dont have any gated yards at the moment and you already have a 21", I woudl to with the 48", bigger is better.
  3. galusham

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    That's what I was thinking, but the dealer and several threads on here indicate that I will be losing a lot of jobs if I can't get through the fence to the back yard. The 48" is actually $100 cheaper since it's a discontinued model. For some reason, ExMark is discontinuing the floating deck on the 36 and 48 Metro? The $100 makes it even harder for me to got w/ the 36" even though I feel like it would be the smarter move. I'm very confused and only have a day or 2 left to decide.
  4. geogunn

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    when you do that acre, between the two you'll wish you had the 48.

    good luck.

    GEO :)
  5. Signature Landscaping1

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    Go for the 48'', youll be alot happier with it.

    RICHIE K LawnSite Senior Member
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  7. palawnman

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    I would definitely go with the 48, I dont know how much business you would miss out on w/o a 36. At least around here most gated backyards are usually small, meaning you could use your 21" for them. The bigger gated backyards will usually have the double gate so that you can get the 48" in. Personally I dont see it being that close, 48" all the way.

  8. Ollie3

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    Go with the 48, heck it's the same price as the 36. You have a 21 to get into a fenced yard if you have to. You will love the 48.

  9. OutdoorExtras

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    Go with the 48" deck and find a welder to rig the deck with hinges so that the end can be flipped up making it narrower. I did this with a Bunton (back in the day) and it worked extremely well.
  10. scagwildcat

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    48 to 52 for me

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