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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by boatdude, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. boatdude

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    Hey guys,
    I cut two yards (personal) that are each about 3/4 of an acre. Landscape is mostly beds around the house and 30 year old Spruce trees in the yard. Yards are flat and some parts are fairly wide open. I want to get a commercial walkbehind. I am leaning toward a 36 inch because I need to transport the mower between yards and a 36 would fit much better than a 48 inch in my small truck. Would a 36 inch walkbehind offer pretty good productivity or am I going to be kicking myself for not getting a 48 inch?
  2. lawnandplow42

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    I think for your uses a 36 would be fine. If its a commercial walk behind, you could always attach a sulky to the back so you don't have to walk.
  3. bigz1001

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    All told you are mowing 1.5 acres. Average productivity per hour with a 36in. is 0.87 acres/hr (3.0 mph at 80% efficency). With a 48in. you are stepping up to 1.16 acres/hr (3.0 mph at 80% efficency). You would save roughly 25 minutes a week with the larger deck (25.8 actually). So over the course of a month you will save 1hr25min. Over a mowing season (5 month) 8.5hrs. It's up to you. I would base it on convenience and cost.
  4. CWG

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    yup, time is money. Even if you dont cut for a living.

    IF IF the 48" will fit inside any gates or stuff like that, go for the 48, or 44
    I had a 33 WB, then a 48" its hard to believe its only a foot difference. The 48 eats grass, stripes look better too
  5. procut

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    For personal use, I would go with the 36" because it would be more easy to transport. When you say "small truck" I assume you mean S-10 or Ranger, if that is the case, A 48" may not fit between the fenderwells, but a 36" will.
  6. Grandview

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    I kick myself for getting a 36. Go 48.

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