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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ahmha, Mar 9, 2001.

  1. ahmha

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    For the past couple of weeks i,ve spent quite a bit of time search/researching past threads, amazing amount of info is availible there. here's my question.. between these three models..lesco 36" 15kw belt @$2150 ...exmark metro36" 15kw belt @$2350 ....toro proline 36" 12.5kw belt @$2500...which do you like? given these three specific models. ............seperate statement at @$4000 has anyone looked at the toro timecutter z(44" 17kohler) supposedly a home- owner mower but quite similar to the toro z master z100 series but @2000 less? thanks in advance to all.
  2. joshua

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    toro proline 36" 12.5kw belt @$2500,,,,, personaly i would have to rule out this mower because of the horse power it just doesn't seem like enough for the price. i'm a exmark fan so i would say the exmark but i have never seen a lesco at work. it also depends on what you get with it, on my buys i got free bagging systems for my walk behinds. also, dealer support is a big issue.
  3. cutting edge

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    This is not the answer to the question that you are asking, but I would look into a hydro. After reading on lawnsite about belt drives slipping in damp conditions I asked our local exmark rep. for his views on their belt drives. He said that their belt drives were entry level machines and that if I was planning on financing one that I would be better off getting the hydro for just a few more dollars a month. I don't know if you would be financing this machine, but from what he said and what I have read here I think that a hydro is a better buy over a belt drive. Just my .02

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  4. accuratelawn

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    15 hp is overkill on a 36 belt drive. Look at the prices for 36 with 121/2 Kaw or 13 Kohler. The Toro is overpriced.
  5. ahmha

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    these are base prices from local dealers( lesco and exmark ) and alamia.com for the toro. yes i will be financing and this will be my first commercial mower purchase. everybody has to start somewhere. as for the hydros i'd love to start with one but... i really can't justify the expense this time when its possible i'll upgrade to some sort of Z rider in coming years. thats why i mentioned the toro timecutter bc/ for $1500 more than the belt drive wb you get a hydro z rider. but alas for my present budget i'm gonna have to choose between one of these three. this will be my first experience with a wb so i thought i'd try out sulkys or velkys or proslides after deciding on a mower.
  6. Evan528

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    12.5hp not enough for a 36 inch mower? I have a 12.5 kawasaki on my gravely 36.... I can bush hog with that mower and the engine dosnt even strain! yes i do think 2500 dollars is alot of a 36 inch mower... it all comes down to whether you would rather have pistal grips or the t-bar steering. Many who use the toros with t-bar would gladly pay extra for another one! Also, a belt drive is fine to start out with! I used my 36 inch belt drive for 2 years fulltime when i first started and had no problems... yes the belts will slip if it is raining or the grass is really saturated but 95% of the time i have no slippage at all. If the grass is so wet that the belts are slipping its a sign you shouldnt be cutting!
  7. rdh

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    12.5 on my snapper 36"
    i can bush hog also and it never clogs up.
    i never even have to scrape the deck even in wet grass.
  8. kutnkru

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    The Toro is the way to fly here. The T-Bar system for steering will eliminate so much of the operator fatigue that pistol grips will give you.

    Quality of Cut:
    The eXmark with the 15hp will give you better performance than the toro because they are both belt driven units. I am not a big fan of Lesco equipment because most of their products are MTD manufactured and I want durability from my equipment. And Lesco just doesnt give me that warm fuzzy feeling about being able to contend with the others in question.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Richard Martin

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    If it were me I would go with the Exmark. In fact I did! Once I got over a couple of bumps in the engine (not Exmarks fault) my 36 has been flawless.

    I know a lot of people put the pistol grips down because of the fatigue factor but I just don't have that problem and neither does my helper.

    The 15 hp engine will work very well on this mower, you will be happy.

    When you have a choice between buying online and local you should go with the local option. This way you should not have any problems getting your machine serviced quick should the need arise. Most dealers will put a machine that they didn't sell at the bottom of the repair list.
  10. equipguy

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    Go with the LESCO heck you get a two year warranty with the unit covers engine and mower. The mowers are not made by MTD they are made by CTP joint venture. Service is important with the product that you buy will the dealer back the product with a loaner if yours goes down? If so,heck your getting two mowers for the price of one. Maybe we like LESCO so much because of the great service that we get.

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