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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greatdane522003, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Greatdane522003

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    I was wondering If anyone had a newer 36' lesco hydo walk behided I'm think about getting on here in the fall so i'm doing my homework now, They sell for about $3600 That's pretty good price compaired to skag and exmark that are about $4500 for the same thing.... So let me know what are the pros and cons of them I've had them in the past and they did pretty good job!!!:blob3:
  2. kc2006

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    I just made a thread about lesco's quality on belt drives and theres like 30 posts in it, its titled "opinions on lesco"
  3. qualitylandscaping

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    I would recommend the fixed deck hydros.. They had some issues with the float decks for the last few years and my dealer even refused to sell one.. But they have the new ones this year so I believe its no longer a problem..
  4. GrassFearsMe

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    I have a lesco 36" hydro and i hate it. The only thing thats good about it is that it cuts better than other mowers when the grass is wet (collects the grass underneath and holds it better).

    Other than that it doesn't discharge well, the pumps constantly go out of adjustment, they had to remount the springs that pull the handles back, if you want to cut a lawn real short use another machine b/c the machine doesnt go low enough (tried everything to fix that problem), it is very touchy way hard to cut in the edges with it, doesn't cut well at high speed leaves a pile of cut grass in a strip under the mower.

    If you go and buy one take the 20lb. counterweight off the front b/c the thing is way heavy in the front with it on, unless you weigh like 100lbs dont put a sulky on it b/c it likes to spin the tires. Hope this clears up a few questions for you.

    This is our 3rd lesco and the others were pretty good 48" hydro and a 52" belt drive (cut great no problems). Just had problmes with the new 36"' hydro.
  5. brucec32

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    Penny wise, pound foolish. NOT saying the Lesco is necessarily a bad mower, but don't live for years with a mower you don't like to save $900 or so today.

    btw, you will lose every bit of that $900 you saved when you sell the mower later down the line. Go to ebay and look at what Exmark hydros sell for used vs. Lesco and other 2nd tier brands. You can search completed sales too via the advanced search feature.

    I checked at one dealer who advertises their prices online and their 2004 price for a 15hp/36" Viking hydro is shown as $3999. And they seemed high to me on many other models. So don't fall for the "we can't budge on the price" BS you get from so many dealers out there. Shop around.

    The superior Gravely 36" hydro wb (easier steering, better height of cut adjustment system, 15hp kawi twin engine) LISTS for only $4150 or so, and with discounts probably isn't much more than that lesco where you have to use pistol grips and get greasy hands to adjust the cut height.

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