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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by NewbieOwner, Jun 12, 2002.

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    I bought a 2001 Metro 36" (used) a couple weeks ago, I'm having a minor problem with it. I as hoping you guys could help.

    Problem is its almost impossible to get the mower running straight, when its set so it should run straight, it runs in a gentle right turn. I can solve the problem by running more air in the right tire, but I don't see why I should need too. I had the drive tires replaced with new ones (shipped from the nearest dealer) But the problem still exists...

    There must be an easy way to fix this... Suggestions?

  2. Richard Martin

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    Unless you get a perfectly matched set of tires it is not unusual for the need to correct for pulling with a slight pressure difference. I was taught that the correct way to set the air pressure in tires was to first jack the back of the mower off the ground. Then set the air pressure in one of the tires to spec. Then take a tape and measure the circumference of the tire. Then using air pressure make sure the other tire has the same circumference. If the mower still pulls after doing this then maybe there might be another problem.
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    Good call Richard,

    Could've said it better myself. Turf Tires are molded and consequently will all vary a little bit. Inflate the tires to the recommended PSI (14), Jack the machine up just like Richard said and measure around the tire at the center. Inflate the smaller tire until both are with in 1/2" of each other and the machine should drive straight. If not they you should begin looking at the drive belt adjustment as well as the belts and pulleys for wear.

    99% of the tracking issues are due to tire circumference and nearly everyone goes through this when they replace a tire or a set of tires.

    Good luck

  4. MikeLT1Z28

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    could there be a possibility of the right side brake being adjusted in a little more causing a slight drag?
  5. jpzink

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    Another easy way to ensure that the tire circumference is the same on both sides is to park the machine on flat ground then with a yardstick measure from the ground to the top of the rim. Adjust the air pressure until this measurement is equal.

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