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Does eXmark have a mulching blade for the 36" deck that is similar to the one for the 60" deck?

I use the micro mulch kit on my 60" Lazer in the fall and wanted to try the "wavy" mulching blades on my 36" Toro w/ mulch kit. The Toro mulch kit came with blades that are similar to exmark excalibur blades. I think a true mulching blade will work better.

Anyway, I called my dealer with a part number taken from the exmark web site. 36" mulching blade 103-6582. They don't carry that blade and don't show it in their parts book. The guy said they do have the gator style blade though.

Is there such thing as this blade? Is it similar to the 60" micro mulch blade? Do you think it would work with the toro mulch kit?

I know, a thousand questions. My dealer is fairly new with exmark and sometimes I wonder how well schooled everyone is on the entire line. That's why I came here for help.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I never thought about the center hole. Thanks for the heads up.
Do Gator blades work well for regular grass mulching? I've used Gators with the mulch kit on my Lazer for leaves in the fall, but never used them any other time of the year.

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Actually check that, if you have the 36" SFS deck the blades will be different length & center hole will be smaller. If you have the Toro fixed deck 36" the blades should be interchangeable w/eXmark blades.


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Sorry, I don't know how I missed that on. Send me a pm to terry.eckert@exmark.com with the name of your dealer and we'll make sure we get everyone up to speed as quickly as possible.

In addition to the 103-6582 we also offer the 1036337 Extreme blade which has the serrated airfoils that some of the guys mentioned.




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If you want a set of good 36" mulching blades, use two 18" gator blades, they are very satisfactory and leave the cut as nice as eXmark's excalibur blades that comes with its current line ups.
Althouh, I prefer excalibur blades to others, so easy to sharpen compared to gator, you have to be careful with those 4 teeth when grinding.

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