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I do all residental lawns that are not big at all(regular subdivison lots no more than 3/4 acre). I need a big mower becuse this year I am stepping up the business. I don't know if i should by a 36" or 48". some of my lawns are cut up with trees and beds to mow around and almost all of them have gates to the rear. would a 48" even look good if I cut a small yard with it. last year I cut all my lawns with a 21" and it looked great just took to long and the little mower has alot of wear and tear on it being ran all day long. I would hate to buy a 36 and then regret it because i might need a 48 in the future. I'm not trying to take over the lawn industry with it, just want to have around 30 -40 accounts when i'm at me peak. I was cutting 20-25 with the 21". is a 48" really alot faster and better than a 36". any help would be great!


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You might can get an idea if you go to this link, and click on CLICK HERE right above OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES. (as far as the diff. between the 36" and 48" [and other's] cutting ability per hour)

With the gates, I would step up from the 21" to a 36".


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With a 36 you will be able to cut 3 times faster than a 21 on most lawn over 5000 sq. ft. You can mow at a faster ground speed and the bag is 3 time larger. And you wont be as tired in that 90 degree heat. The 48 is really going to limit you on where you can use it.

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I ve been thru this already. You might want to think about the 36" or 32" measure the gates at your yards to see what they average. NO sense to buy more mower than you need. Get the 36" with a velke and you will tear up the world. 48" dont go into back yards 80% of the time.


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If most your lawns have gates, I would avoid the 48 inch unless all your accounts have extra large gates. Most of our accounts are small and almost all the gates are around 36 inches. As we found out last season our 36 inch stander would only fit through about half of them. If your lawns are around 5-10k with gates and have lots of obstacles you are not going to gain that much time with a 36inch. Lots of guys bash the 21's on here, but for small lawns they are hard to beat and the cut is great. How long was it taking you with your 21. We average around 15-20 min mow time on our accounts that size with a 21. If you are planning on expanding to bigger properties a 36 or 48 would help. At best you would only gain a few min on your current lawns but the cut will not look as good. In my opinion, using a 48 or larger mower on a small lawn makes as much sense as using a 21inch on a park.

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