36" or 48" W/Bs - can't decide which to buy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TROTTMAN, Jul 16, 2003.


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    I am having a ton of trouble deciding on what kind of walk behind mower I want to get...

    I would like to go with a wider (48") mower for time savings, but I don't know practical it can be with uneven lawns, gates, and with moving it around (like if it gets stuck).

    A 36" would give me a large improvement over my 33" right now because my 33" only goes 3mph, so its not like its just about the width you know? Plus my mower can't mulch very well, so saving passes would speed me up too. A 36 could fit through almost any gate.

    Also, do one of those sizes mulch better than the other in general? Like a 2 blade 36" has larger blades than a 3 blade 48 (which helps with cutting taller grass etc).

    I only have one HUGE property right now, which is a nursing home. As of now, I have my friend help me with his small 38" rider and my 33" W/B. Besides that, I mostly have residential lawns. Half prolly have gates. A few gates will fit anything, about 4 or 5 that a 44 or 48 woudln't fit into.

    And thats another thing. I don't think a 44 is practical, because its already too wide for most gates, but you loose a good bit of productivity from a 48 lol. (It does have 2 blades though right? That would be great for bahia or tall grass!)

    Also, if I get a 36" is it as important to get hydro? I don't know for sure how the belt drivens work. You just pull and that side goes right? Thanks.
  2. Movinfr8

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    too early to tell for sure, I just got my 36 Monday, but I have once, said I was glad I didn't get the 48, tight backyard, yadda yadda yadda. but if the 33 was your backyard machine....
    As far as belts, I haven't had any problem getting it to do what I want, and the hydros are so high, Ill get a ZTR if I'm going to spend that much.

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hmm, I forgot to mention, if I got a 36" mower, I could sell my 33" and my 21" almost paying for the 36" and I could also not have to buy a trailer (48 won't fit between the wheel wells).

    from AL
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    A 48" will tend to scalp more than a 36" even in the floating decks. Not an iSSue depending on height of cut & teRRain.
  5. HUH?

    Maybe because it has a smaller foot print.

    A 36" is longer than a 48".

    from AL
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    longer yes but since the hp decks are all flush against the drive tires width & overhang are the only real issue when dealing with berms, tree banks, ditches etc.. Neither unit is prone to scalping but I would give a slight edge to the 36".
  7. The machine is shorter cause the deck is not as long.

    Since both HP's have the same drive unit, that does not change.

    Also your smaller foot print theory is thrown out the window too.
  8. TJLC

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    The only thing I didn't like about my 36" mower, when I owned it, was the lack of deck overhang. Other than that it was very nice.
  9. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Do yourself a BIG favor and buy the 48. Get it in hydro ir that's in your budget. You'll still have the old 33 for the 4 or 5 properties where the 48 won't fit through the gate. Trust me, you will freak when you see how productive the 48 makes you. You will NEVER have buyer's remorse. I mow little mini laws (done in 8-12 min.) in a heartbeat & also have a couple of 1 acre properties.

    If your schedule is already packed it will open up room for some more accounts, guaranteed. I put my 48 into all sorts of tight areas with no trouble whatsoever. It's great on hills, too.

    And NO, the 48 does not scalp or tend to scalp. Scalping happens when the operator makes a mistake, not the mower.
  10. So Ultimate Lawn is making assumptions again................................. No It can't be true. Tell me it's not.

    Whatever you do, demo the mower and ignore Ultimate Lawns posts. Most are made up to suit the situation. He will post baloney propagada just to be different.

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