36 or MAYBE wider commercial walk behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith Jr, Jun 2, 2008.

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    so you've all seen my equipment in the pictures forum, and all I really need now is the walk behind. I originally wanted to go with the 36, since I would fit in 99% of the gates, its an upgrade from the 21s, and there was really no cons about it. But, now I'm thinking maybe I want a larger deck, to maximize my mowing time.

    Here are the two mowers that I want to base my expenditures around.


    quick 36 samurai (2795)


    quick 44 samurai (2995)

    atm, I feel this is the best deal. 44" cutting deck, 16 hp kawasaki...

    Now, what's say.... a 36" scag cost? or a 44? or a toro, or an exmark?

    Is quick giving me the best bang for my buck?
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    Keith - I have the Quick 36 Ninja with the 15HP Kaw. Don't rule it out....it has plenty of power - I frequently cut 5" grass with it and it does not bog. Yes it is pull start but VERY easy pull start, starts on 1st or 2nd pull each time. Eliminate the need to care for a battery. Just my two cents take it or leave it.

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