36" scag floating deck?


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Louisville, ky
I have a chance to get a 36" scag floating deck, with a 15 kohler
for 3399. My partner and I are concerned with the weight(almost 600 pounds) as we will be hopping some curbs. What do you guys think about a brand new lesco 36" fixed deck that won't be so heavy compared to the deal above?

This machine is for small yards only as we have 61"riders and a 52" walkbehind for the larger areas.

Thanks for any advice

Jon Walker


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Central Maryland
Only thing I can say is that I have a 52" ZTR for medium to larger areas, and I have a Scag 36" SWZU for smaller yards and I dont have and problems. Weight wasn't even a concern for me.



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Central Ohio
Buy the scag. We absolutly love our floating decks-they allow us to change height to suit conditions and reduce scalping somewhat. Weight should not make a difference when hopping curbs.