36" Snapper and Jungle Jim Review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ofishil, May 21, 2007.

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    Since I get lots of information of this site I thought I would contribute. I used the search function but didnt get much. I bought a 36" Snapper Belt drive with a 15 hp Kawasaki on it. Total cost with Jungle Jim Wheels was $3800 tax included. (will have to check for exact amount). I also have a 48" Scag. The reason I went with Snapper is mainly because of the financing they offered. It was something like 1.9% vs Scag something like 14%. They gave me same as cash for 6 months. The payment will be something like $65 a month. I really wanted to look more into a Quick 36 but 2 21 push mowers went out within a week of each other so equipment was needed right away. My only walkbehind experience comes from my Scag which i bought used a couple of years ago.

    On with the review. I have to say so far I am very pleased with the mower. I will attach some pics of the second place i took it. The first one was not worth pics. The mower seems to have lots of suction. I saw leafs getting sucked in from the side and grass getting pulled up. My Scag has nowhere near the same suction. As you can see by the pics that is one pass except for a few spots that took two to get the straglers. My Scag would tend to lay that tall grass over while the Snapper sucked it up and cut it. I would have to hit that yard a bunch with my Scag to get all the straglers. I am pleased with the cut I get with it. The mower also made the clippings really small and fine.

    As for the weight of it. It isnt to bad. I took it into a small yard that when walking you sink to your ankles. It is an extremely lush and thick yard. I would only normally use my 21" in fear of damaging the yard with my Scag. No problem at all using the Snapper. Approximent time with a 21" solo is 30 minutes. I can do that one in probably under 15 minutes now. It does tend to be a little butt heavy making it do wheelies going up the ramp and up some hills. I will give it a good testing on some hills this week.

    As for the safety features. I thouroughly understand the importance of safety features but the Snapper seems to have alot. You have to pull up on the blade engagement then push it up. You cant just slap it up and down like my Scag. You also have to put into neutral before letting go of the handlebars. My Scag you can get off it while in gear. I dont really like where the gears are located. They are next to the hand controls so you have to let go of the handles and put in gear with your hand vs. hitting it with my knee like on my Scag.

    As for the Jungle Jim sulky. I only have experience with a single wheel sulky/velke that is on my Scag. So far I am pleased with it. It does its job so I dont have to walk. It does have alot of feet room. A couple of comlaints though. While ducking under trees I did tag my leg a couple of times with the tire. There probably should be some sort of wheel well. Also It does seem to be a little wide not allowing you to get to close to things in fear of hitting something with the sulky. You do seem to be at an angle while riding (as if though you will slide off). Together with the mower you seem to be a little close to the handlebars. While doing sharp turns and u-turns you hit your ribs with the bars. There may some sort of adjusment but I havent looked yet.

    The reverse for the mower is alot more powerful than my Scag. My Scag I have to pull on it and it helps a little. While the Snapper is impossible to control. It may have an adjusment. Out of the dealer it is really tight and everything needs to get loosened up some. All In all I am very pleased with my purchase. I can see the true benefits with a 36" for all my gates and hills. I plan on my efficiency to increase alot. Later on this week I will post up some pics of my hills that I do. Since my purchase I have used a 21" one time and that was because I didnt want to blow stuff into flowerbeds.





  2. ofishil

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    some more pics.....


  3. Grits

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    Don't you love turning hard with the pistol grips and Jungle wheels, having to dodge the pistol grips.....I have one machine with pistol grips and I have Jungle wheels on it. If I had thought about it I would have gotten a sulky with casters. Oh well, I don't use that machine enough to make a big deal out of it.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    D@mn, you mowed a jungle and found a few trees, a fence, a clothes line and some sort of out building.

    For once, the name "Jungle Wheels" is fitting... :laugh:

    This bud is for you and all that you do, Mr. Jungle mower guy :drinkup:
  5. Richard Martin

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    I know you just bought it but I have to ask...

    How old is that mower? What year was it built? I know that Briggs and Stratton is trying to standardize the entire lineup and your Snapper is nothing like my Ferris.
  6. MarcSmith

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    my first machine a was a 1995 snapper pro Hydro when they were painted black...with a set of rocket wheels. Snapper has gone way down hill it looks like, your Deck, casters, ect look almost wimpy by comparison.

    Still a nice looking machine and it looks like a helluva cut.

  7. ofishil

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    I looked on the paperwork and couldnt find the date. Its probably on the mower. I will look today when I pull it off the trailer.

    I also looked at the reciept and was wrong about the price. The cost of the mower was $3129 and Jungle Wheels $295 for a total price of $3507
  8. Richard Martin

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    I highly recommend that you shop around before you buy your next mower. $3129 for a 36" GD is a whole lot of money although he did give you money off of the list price of $3535. I think I paid around $2500 for my Ferris 36" GD.
  9. thesargent

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    that does seem steep, and it kind of looks cheesy, doesnt look built real good, although im sure it is. i paid 3200 for a dual hydro husqvarna with ets, and an hour meter, and its built very solid. nice mower though, the 36 makes a huge difference in productivity. have fun with it and make some cash.
  10. ofishil

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    around here theres two dealers. one that has scag, snapper, john deere. the other toro and exmark. I would have to say they are both pretty incompetent. i just went with the less imcompetenet one. like i said before i was in a pinch with 2 21s going out. So i went with what they had rather than waiting for them to get one in. a scag 36 is something to the effect of $3800 with 14% interest. When all said and done it was something like $900 difference without the interest. I know they are pretty pricey guys. For example I save $10 dollars by going to home depot to get my string adn a few bucks for 2 stroke oil. anyway i am rambling on and i am just happy i didnt miss any yards. tomorrow is the big day for some hills so we will see how it does. I will take some pics of some of them.... btw i do appreciate the comments.

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