36" Turf Tracer HP needs 17 HP Kawasaki

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by J. Bret Holder, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. J. Bret Holder

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    Just my .02

    The Turf Tracer HP 36 is a fantastic machine; however, in order for it to be a real front-runner in our company's arsenal, it should have the power option for a 17 HP Kawasaki. We would purchase a couple more Exmark Turf Tracer 36" HP machines, but based on my experience with a Wright Stander, Wright has taken Exmark's hold of the 36" hydro walk-behind market.

    Just one man's suggestion - make the 17 HP Kawasaki an option for the Turf Tracer HP - 36". Hell, give it the electric start feature too.
    The Turf Tracer HP - 36" is the ideal machine for the lawns in my neck of the woods. One problem though, the grass grows fast and thick around here.

    As soon as you all decide to give this machine a little extra help in the power and efficiency arena, please be sure to make the announcement loud and proud for all of your potential Exmark buyers. I wouldn't mull it over for too long. Keep in mind that the hurricane rebuilding effort isn't the only thing starting fresh down here in Southeast Louisiana; the lawncare industry is too.

    I never thought that there would be a day that I would ever venture away from Exmark.
  2. jtkplc

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    I hear ya. I wish my 36" Gravely walk-behind came with 17hp. Maybe one day manufacturers will give us options we want.
  3. TPLawnPro

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    Since that last post, I purchased a Wright Stander 36" Rapid Height Deck / 17hp Kawasaki V-Twin.

    Problem Solved.

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