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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Fireguy119, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Fireguy119

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    Hi all,
    was getting some opinions from everyone on the size of the walk behind they think is more beneficial to there company. 36 or 48". I have an opportunity to acquire each, but looking at pros and cons. I can get a 36" ransomes that requires a new tranny for $250. Or i can get a 48" scag that needs a new engine for around $500. Both belt driven. I've never used a 36", and i hate to go smaller and wish i wouldn't have. But i'm also looking at the $$$$ factor. Gimme your 2 cents, much appreciated.
  2. unkownfl

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    I think the difference in the mowers is pretty obvious. You should be able to make this decision yourself by driving around where you intend to mow and see what the gates and yards will allow you to use there. Look at what others have on their trailers and see if they are carrying smaller mowers.
  3. lawnboy852

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    the difference is about a foot... look at your props and see. a 36 can be used pretty much everywhere, but in areas where a 48 *could* be used, it is less productive etc etc
  4. aznsquirel

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    I thought I was getting a 36 but decided to get a 48 instead since I found a great price on one and I wasn't cutting many lawns with gates I couldn't fit in the back. Good luck!
  5. Fireguy119

    Fireguy119 LawnSite Member
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    with no clients at this point my options are quit open. I guess i'll have to go with my instinct on the 48". it is a scag, and i will be able to save some time on mowing. Plus i can pick up a few larger accounts without worrying to much. Was just curious of what everyone uses or prefers. Thanks.
  6. Landscape Poet

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    IMO - I would start with the 36. If you have no accounts - why would you limit yourself. You can always upgrade later but you can not make that 48 fit through a gate later.

    I started with a 36 inch z down here almost two years ago - still using it to this day with 79 accounts. I am now looking to upgrade - but the 36 was a good investment because it will remain on the trailer for the smaller properties.
  7. Hell on Blades

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    If you have no customers, you limit yourself with the 48 -- buy the 36.
  8. yanks1

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    I have found that on smaller residentials I like the look of the 36" cut better than the 48". Just my opinion. Some customers actually ask for the smaller cut, but there is the time factor to consider..:confused: You certainly will be able to complete the job faster with the bigger mower.

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