36" walk behind mower, Snapper Pro SW30 vs. Ferris Comfort Drive DD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Roger, Jan 12, 2014.

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    The Snapper SW20, 36" machine that I saw on the showroom floor has the handles, that I now learn are Forward Drive. In other words, Snapper and Ferris are exactly the same in this regard.
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    I feel the same way yes it might be $10 bucks more or so, but at least at the dealer i know I'm getting the actual oem not a knock off. I'd rather pay a little more up front than get hit for a couple hundred latter on...

    And honestly Roger I'm in the same boat as you, so let me know which you go for. Right now I'm leaning towards the snapper, but want to see what kind a deal I can get cause I will also be Getting another 48'' unless someone trades me for my last Z.
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    Ferris' website has some of the single hydro 36 Hydrocut's key features bleeding over into the DD36 including the timed blades and the pic of the cogged drivebelt.

    Still can't get over the $1000 price difference. I would NEED electric start for my business, and buying into the Ferris name certainly has its price for admission.
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    I think of it as SnapperPro being a great value with all of their machines, especially compared to other manufacturers.
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    Well hope I did'nt confuse anyone when I said the Ferris had timed blades. When I looked at one a couple seasons ago I saw what looked to be a timed set up. If you take a look on there website under the "key features" it says it has a Torque Tuned Blade™ System.. I Think it's the same thing but they just don't call it timed blades..

  7. LawnMan19

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    They do have them, but as you said they call them"Torque Tuned"
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    Yah, and only the 36" machines are timed. The 32" Hydrocut is regular offset blades.

    The timed blades are probably to get the 36" machines a bit shorter. Otherwise 36's can be some of the longest walkbehinds.
  9. Roger

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    This is really confusing. Using web site referenced above by weaver, two things are obviously confusing:

    1. Under the "feature" list with "torque timed ..." the description and photo shows a deck drive to the right spindle, with a cogged belt to drive the left spindle. However, under "easy access" (a feature a few entries above in the list), a photo shows the deck cover off with a drive belt in a serpentine fashion -- single belt from the engine, to spindle, idler, spindle, spindle. This photo looks to be a three spindle deck, not two used for the 36" machine. Why would Ferris use this photo to discuss easy access to belts, but not a 36" deck? Clearly the belt configurations are different between these two photos.

    2. Along the same lines, the "height adjust ..." feature photo shows a crank on the left side of the frame, just above the left wheel. However, in the photo shown at the top of the page (full mower), the two height adjust cranks are at the top of the deck, near the front, one on each side. The Snapper I saw was configured this way. However, both the Snapper and Ferris 48" models were outfitted with the single crank, just above the left wheel (like the picture).

    It appears that the Marketing department at Ferris used photos from a 48/52/61" machine for the "easy access ..." and the "height adjust ..." features on the page for a ComfortControl 36. Since they made this mistake, did they include a photo for the timed belts from another machine (32"?)? Something appears to be very wrong with the material on this page.

    Am I seeing something wrong here? Or, am I misunderstanding what is in the photos?
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    Roger, are you planing on buying from crossroads?
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