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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLC7, Aug 19, 2000.

  1. TLC7

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    I need some input to help me pick a 36 walkbehind. It will only be used as a gated back yard mower, so I don't know if I need a hydro. The options I have to choose from are: Toro belt-drive $1999, Scag belt-drive $2500, Exmark Belt-drive $2150, Exmark Hydro $3250, and an Encore Hydro $3899.
    Things I'm looking for in this mower are durability and quality of cut(It MUST stripe well!!).

    Thanks for your help!

  2. accuratelawn

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    I would not spend the money for a hydro on a 36 inch. In my opinion it's not needed. You will only be using it for backyards, save your money. Buy a used gear drive.
    I have used a JD 36 with 121/2 kaw for for years w/o any problems. Good luck
  3. Eric ELM

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    The only help I can give you is after the guys that own these types of mowers respond, evaluate that and then demo all of the ones you think you will like. That is the best way to decide what is best for you. The hydro drive is much nicer in wet conditions and hills. I have only used 2 belt drive W/B's and I didn't like either one, because I couldn't ride on them. :)
  4. greenflag

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    You might look into a Great Dane Champ 32" hydro for about $1900-$2300. We were going to get a 36" wb and were talked into a 32" instead. We were glad because some of our lawns we picked up have chain link fencing and a 36" mower would not have fit, so we would have done the bulk of the mowing with a 21". The only drawback is the Briggs engine, but for the price we figure we can make money until the engine wears out, replace it with a Kawasaki, and still come out ahead. The cut is great, striping I haven' played with yet. I can e-mail a picture of my yard if you like.
    Great Dane also makes a 52" with a flip-up side deck that narrows to a 36" for gate access.
    Several companies on the web sell commercial mowers with free delivery. For example, we paid $2399 for ours, and found it a month later on the web for $1975. But, just getting started, the expertise and advice of the man we bought it from were worth it. Hope this helps.

    David Burrow
  5. TGCummings

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    Hey Dave,

    What's the HP of the Briggs on that 32"? It's a little early yet, but when I buy a second commercial machine it's gotta be a little smaller than my 36" to get through more of the tiny gates we have in California.

    Heck, if they made something around 28" that'd be even better...

  6. A two blade 32" toro with a exmark metro deck with a 10.5
    hp briggs is the cheapest and best little mower on the
    market at this time.

    If I had need for one I would install a 4 cube Wright Mfg
    metal bagger and make a OCDC to fit around the bagger bracket.
  7. cutntrim

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    According to the Toro specs on their website, the 32" deck is still 35" wide at the wheels so you're better off with a 36" IMO.

    We've got 2 36" Ransomes which get into 90% of our backyards and stripe very nicely with double blades. They're gear-drive and fixed-deck. Reliability has been excellent (we sold our '93 model to a competitor this spring and it still runs like new), and they are extrememly rugged.

    Having said that, our next WB's will most likely be hydros since time is money and operating a hydro saves time over a belt drive. But if money is an issue (when isn't it) and it's only to be used occasionally then I'd go belt.

  8. Toddppm

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    Check out the troy-bilt 32" wide area mower, looks decent if not going to be used continiuosly,$1100. I bought a used 26" one couple weeks ago just for back yards, screwed up 2 new 21" Murrays this year already, so thought i'd check this out. Works pretty good and has plenty of power at 8hp. Anyone else using these?? There is one guy around here who only uses these mowers doing about 40 yards. I was going to buy the big buck 21" 2 stroke toro but couldn't find a self propelled one anywhere. Think the troy bilt is better anyway, faster and cuts more area with more power if needed for tall grass.
  9. toddman35

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    i was also wondering about those troy built mowers, i was at the local lowes and saw a 33" with a, um... i cant remeber the hp, but it was $1300, wondering if these were anygood for someone starting out?
  10. TGCummings

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    26"? Now, that would be in the range I'm looking for to get my small-gate backyards. Anyone besides Troy-bilt putting out mowers in that size range?


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