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36" WB brands

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by milkie62, May 18, 2014.

  1. CreativeLawncareSolutions

    CreativeLawncareSolutions LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,017

    You're fudging numbers to support your argument. This is something you do quite often.

    To the OP. Just buy a used one and move on. Sell the 44 to help pay for it. Hell, you could probably just trade.
  2. mpkav

    mpkav LawnSite Member
    Messages: 138

    I have a 61" Scag Wildcat and just bought the Scag 36" belt drive with floating deck ($2900 new). That 36 is an AMAZING machine. I think I might use it more than the 61" on my lawns. I haven't needed any other size mower yet. Both seem to cover my needs pretty well. So far that 36 is great!!
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  3. milkie62

    milkie62 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 834

    Well here is the rest of my story.I am a part-timer ready to retire from my regular job but need something for a couple days (no more) for my mad money.I need my IS Ferris for my lawn which is 4 acres.I have smaller areas around the pool and house that I bag to keep the clippings up.The Ferris is too big here and my small push is too small since I bag it all around here.My 44" Toro just seems clumsy with the side bagger.
    For the most part I have small lawns to mow that I do not really need the Ferris on but it does speed things up.I wanted to just run a 2wd pickup with a smaller mower so I did not need to drag my big trailer around my gas guzzling 2500 Chevy 4wd.
  4. unkownfl

    unkownfl LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,837

    Get a stander and put on one of those bagger setups that go on top of the deck?
  5. PabsMaster

    PabsMaster LawnSite Member
    Messages: 119

    ^^^^^ This is a excellent answer, look at your cliental. What do you have? Large yards, medium yards? Small yards? I ran a 36 on medium yards for awhile, until i got a 48 hydro (Scag SWZT great mower btw, low turf compaction, excellent on hills) A 48 walk behind with a velke can cut a decent amount of grass... With that said, just number up your accounts and think what you NEED to be the most effective, efficient machine, get all your money out of it wether its new or used...

    Wish you luck!
  6. milkie62

    milkie62 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 834

    My game plan is to work on Tues & Wed,say 10am-2pm with maybe 10-12 lawns total in the $35-50 range so probably up to a 1/3 acre.Either way I will be replacing my 44" Toro with something smaller for my lawn so its not like spending the money won't be cost effective.
    I guess I will see what dealers will let me demo.My ferris dealer did let me demo the the single hydro 32 which I thought was junk.
  7. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,970

    fudged numbers?

    Where are you going to find a used T bar 44 selling for more than $800?

    Where are you going to find a good quality used hydro for $1500?

    Those aren't fudged numbers, those are market value.

    Selling the Tbar for 800 and buying a decent used walk behind will get him someone else's used problem for thousands out of pocket.
    My "argument" is that that's probably a bad idea, especially if he intends this to be his primary mower.

    He doesn't want the rider anymore. he wants a good hydro walk behind.

    If anything, Im arguing don't go all the way down to a 36", stay at 48"…if he brings his trade to a ferris dealer, they will want his used IS, and take the toro T bar from him just to seal the whole deal.

    He gets rid of both machines he's looking to and picks up the best hydro walk behind he can buy, all in one fell swoop.
    No fuss, no muss, no time taken out to sell machines privately and find and try out others.

    the only thing I'm arguing is that he not drop to a 36"….Ferris has that too if he really wants it, in a DD36.

    No fudged numbers needed there.

    Put down the beer, pal. It's something you need to do more often.
    Maybe your reading comprehension will improve in the process.
  8. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,970

    if you didn't like the Tbar you will not like the hydrocut either.

    Its a single hydro, so needs muscle around like the Tbar.
    So don't even worry about not getting to demo it. You wouldn't like it.

    so… that bagger making the machine wider is the issue?

    I used to run Zs and T bar 44s (which i used for pool areas) before I bought a walker.

    have you thought about trading BOTH in for a walker?

    again maybe get 6800 worth of trade and have to spend 12500 (ish) out the door…so $5700 financed? (maybe)

    a walker might do everything you want large area grass and tight in bagging.
    Oh, but you were concerned about hills….walkers not the best on hills.

    its so hard to have mowers that do everything, thats why I have a man crush on grasshopper.

    do you have that many hills already? or are you concerned about picking up customers with hills?

    I used to do 4 acres all the time with a 48"
    with a 36" that would be rough.

    did I read it right and you are only mowing the big lot with a ferris at your OWN house (so you're going to keep the rider to just mow your own?)

    you need the walk behind for hills, you need to bag in pools…

    I can't think of any other way to bag with a walk behind/stander other than the side bag. (those ones that go on front suck…. you can't see around them for anything)

    so maybe that's it… 36 with side catcher….really the only option.

    Like another poster said, scag makes an excellent 36.
    Had one for years, buying another this week for $4500.

    Jury is still out on the SWZT and hill duty, in my mind… I haven't tried it in that respect.
    I don't think i would want a 36" SWZT…only in 48 or larger… but I could be wrong.
  9. Church2224

    Church2224 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 551

    Wait Ferris has a 21? Where is it, I do not see it on the site at all.
  10. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,970

    That's a good question I cant find again now.

    It was there, and I was like what the heck is that??

    Yesterday I couldn't find walk behinds at all on their website, no DD no FW35, today they are back...I dunno what the heck is going on with their website.

    But I did see the little guy in ferris colors sitting there, and now its not.

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