36" WB brands

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by milkie62, May 18, 2014.

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  2. 32vld

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    A 21" wb?


    21" is a pusher or a self propelled.

    Next people here will be calling their 3/4 tons BIG RIGS.
  3. Church2224

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    Technically it is a walk behind because you....Walk Behind it.
  4. pseudosun

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    I think downsizing to 36 wb into a pick up is a good idea. I've been very efficient with it for years. It's big enough to throw on a sulky, haul ass and cover large areas, but small enough for garden homes. My 2000 exmark is burning lots of oil now, and the trans has had it, so I'm looking at going to 32" for next year. I'm looking for good service when i buy. It seems all the top brands are a pretty good choice.
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    Technically a ZTR is a ride behind....because you ride behind the deck.

    Same with the front mounted mowers.

    A 21" can be a commercial. Though it will never be a WB.
  6. milkie62

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    I may look into a stander now out of coincidence.Last week the right drive motor went on my Ferris.Waiting on a part from Parker.My son who has a Toro Grandstand with 52" outperformed my 61" Ferris IS3100z hands down on my biggest customer.Places I have to use a 21" because of steepness which takes alot of time,he was able to lean into the hill and mow away.Only in one spot did he have to get off and use it like a wbh mower.What a time saver that grandstand was.Maybe a 36" stander would be the cats a$$ for smaller properties which I am looking to get into.

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