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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kbernsen, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. kbernsen

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    Just finished "test driving" several WBs and have narrowed the search to two. I have just over 1 acre with few trees and a bar ditch. Performance and price and not the real issue. My biggest concern are the controls. Anything with pistol grips is out because my hands just aren't that large or strong. Sutech's controls fit my hands the best. Would love to try the Toro T-bar, but no dealer around here had one on hand. Has anyone had experience with both? Also, concerns about the Sutech running away and clippings clogging the deck. Is Toro worth the extra $1200+? :confused:

    Thanks, Karen B.
  2. Doc Pete

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    Since you realize pistol grips are out, you could look for a Hustler dealer and buy their 36". It is the easiest and best operating walkbehind made. It has no grips or things to squeeze whatsoever, plus you don't have to hold the operator safety switch that can hurt your hands, as on the other machines.

    safety handle.jpg
  3. BobR

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    Had both machines still have the Toro, I was lucky and got most of my money back when I unloaded the Sutech Stealth. Try a 'search' on 'Sutech' that will give you some insight as to its value. Toro 'T-Bar' is IMHO the greatest (BUT that is the only commercial drive system I have used)
  4. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Have you looked or do you have a Wright Dealer near you??
  5. narly1_2000

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    Have a sutech. Have had it 3 weeks, but with all the rain I havent used it much. If your yard is flat, it may work for you. Mine about drug me into the street going down a hill however. The 9 hp kawasaki engine is nice and easy to start. I am a homeowner and not a pro as well and I guess it may work for you. Turning is a little tough ( and im a pretty big boy) and it is easy to steer on pavement but not on grass..Its not really saving me time because it will wear you out. Also pulling out the 21 in. lawnboy for the hills just means another mower, more maintainance, etc. I think that if I did it over again that I would get a nice used mower. Hope this helps..Glenn
  6. Doc Pete

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    My apologies...I didn't read the fine print close enough..... To repeat myself, go find a Hustler dealer. I guarantee you will be happy. My 88 year old Dad could run the Hustler and with just one hand.

    from AL
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    If you really need a girly control system the Toro T-Bar is simple & takes zero operator strain.

    My 99 yr. old grandmother could run a T-Bar.
  8. Doc Pete

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    I couldn’t agree more. And, if you like and think the T bar takes no effort to operate, and even a girl can use it, the H bar is 2 to 3 times better. Thanks for giving guy’s who use or want the T bar a “Benchmark” for understanding that while the T bar is “that” much better than pistol grips, the H bar is “that” much better than the T bar. Thanks again Ultimate Lawns.

    from AL
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    I doubt the poster want a hydro if their looking at a Sutech & Hustler doesn't make a belt.

    The T-Bar belt drives will give you effortless control if you have weak wrists.
  10. TLS

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    Whatever brand you choose, go with a 48" or 52". Over an acre is a lot of ground to cover with only a 36" mower. 48" machines aren't any more money and seem to handle slopes better.

    The Exmark ECS controls are real nice and light to operate/squeeze.

    Why do you want a WB?

    I'd rather see you on a rider.

    What is your budget?

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