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    I am in the market for a 36in stander, and I had a few questions for the pro's.

    1. Are any of you running the 15 hp Kaw having issues not having enough power for hills and thick turf? The 17hp elec start is availible, I just didn't know if it was necessary?

    2. How does the cut quality compare to its larger brothers (48,52,61in Standers), and or other 36in walk-behinds?

    3. Do any of you use it as your primary mower? I mow small residential lots, I will be using this as my primary work horse and wanted to make sure it is reliable.

    4. Any other comments on this mower would be appreciated.


    THRIFTY LawnSite Member
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    No one? I know some of you are running this machine???
  3. mowman84

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    I have one and also walk behinds. I use the stander 80% of the time.
  4. American_Lawn

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    If I would not have bought a miniz, I would have gone with a stander, and I still might when I go for a bigger mower.

    TREEGUARD LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have 2 36" standers we use them as the primary mowers everyday without problems.

    THRIFTY LawnSite Member
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    Are you guys using the 15 horse Kawi? Does it have enough power???
  7. olde_blue

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    I have a 36" fixed deck Stander with the 17 hp engine. I mow residential, 95% less than 1/4 acre, many hilly, and I use the Stander about 60% of the time. I use an old 36" walkbehind or a 21" on about 5% of the accounts (really small gates or really steep hills), and a 48" Lazer Z HP for the other 35%.

    The 36" Stander will make an excellent primary mower, so long as you stick to small lots. If I had a 48" or 52" Stander in place of the Z, I would probably use it 50%+ of the time, but the Z is slow to turn on hills, hard to maneuver on small lots, and can tear up the ground when braking and turning on slopes.

    The 17 hp engine is more than adequately powerful for mowing even tall grass. I've only have it begin to bog down when mowing deep piles of leaves. The 13 hp single cylinder Honda engine on my walkbehind is inadequate even for mowing at 3 mph; I have no experience with the 15 hp Kawasakis. The 17 is an awfully expensive option, however. If you look at Wright's price list, it looks like they price the 36" 15 hp Standers and Velke mowers more aggressively than the rest of the lineup.

    Are you planning on mulching? The 17 hp would definitely be necessary.

    Cut is similar to my walkbehind if I mow at slower walk-behind speeds--at full speed, the cut can suffer a bit, but it is okay.

    The Wright's reliability is very good. The fixed deck also has less moving parts than the average Z, so you can't knock the deck out of level. I've had no problems in 2 years, except for some spindle damage from running over a 10 lbs dumbell (painted green!) in tall grass. The Wright sliced it in half--didn't even kill the engine--but it bent both blades (brand new that morning). I put on new blades, and it ran with no vibrations, but the sealed ball bearing started squeaking within an hour or two. Not too hard or expensive of a fix, though. I don't know if greasible roller bearing could have survived the trauma, however.

    The bushings for the casters seem to wear pretty quickly. You need to keep them well greased.
  8. robertsturf

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    We do have the 36" 15 kaw Stander here in KC and use it primarily where we can't get our 52" Standers. They mow fine. How much are you going to pay for it. If you don't mind driving 2 hrs I can put you in touch with a guy that is selling them for $3700.00. New!!
  9. jtkplc

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    We use a 15hp 36" Stander on small and tight places. It gets used maybe 5-10 hours a week. It has good power. The cut is just as good as the 52" Standers we run. I really wish they made the 36" Stander with 3 blades instead of two, it would be so much more maneuverable. I don't like having the trim side so far away from the rear tire.

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    Thanks for all the above replies, I think im gonna have to throw down some $$$ this weekend. Do the 36in Wrights also have the 9mph cut speed?

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