360 degree Mowers with the 60 inch deck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by washclyd, Mar 27, 2003.

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    You wouldn't buy a car/truck w/o a demo would you?
    If a dealer is seriuos about selling you a machine, he'll be all over your request to demo one.

    If you have three choices.... demo all of them........ if you haven't run a ZTR before, running only one will not give you anything to compare to.
    Sometimes small features may make a world of difference, even if only to one user.....

    For example, my eXmark controls do not immediately return from forward to neutral if released.... I like this feature. As opposed to a Scag I ran in the past, I can let go of one handle for a split second to swat a bug, or scratch my nose, without the machine making a U-turn if I dont stop first.

    Have the dealer show you the basic controls.... (remember you're not the only guy who is buying his first ZTR....)
    Then take the machine home and run it around.:D

    The machine will probably seem "touchy" at first.... small mistakes can become big problems fast when you're new at it...... trust me, that goes away!!!!! Like anything new... practice makes perfect., just be careful, and start slow....

    Oh yeah... Welocome to Lawnsite! There are great people here!

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